Thursday, May 8, 2008

I am Tammy Faye Bakker in a Jackie Kennedy World

So true. Washington DC/Northern Virginia is filled with lovely, attractive fresh-faced Jackie wanna-be's. Not a lot of make-up, conservative in manner and dress. And like Jackie these women have a very regal quality about them. I, on the other hand don't have a regal, graceful bone in my body. And the only thing conservative about me is my values. But like Tammy....

1. I, too, am a make-upaholic. You will never see me lookin' natural - ain't gonna happen. First of all I am just too ugly - it's true - I am not fishin' for compliments - it's just a fact. Without makeup - I scare small children - and I am totally unrecognizable. One time I passed right by Daddy in the checkout aisle at Sibley & Thatch Supermarket and I had to speak to him before he realized it was me!

2. I can totally relate to her personality. Regardless of what she was going through she exuded joy! I am a deliriously happy person - the glass is always half full, tomorrow's a new day, the sun'll come out tomorrow, blah, blah, blah. (Yeah, I know -I even annoy myself sometimes.) Even when I'm sad, things are falling apart or I'm completely ticked off I still have a contentedness about me. It comes from knowing God is in control. Knowing that no matter what life throws at me to hurt me I will win in the end because this place just 'ain't what it's all about.' As Paul says in Philipians 4:11 "...for I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content."

3. She was never afraid to shout or burst into song on a whim to give the Lord credit in all things. Yes, I know it could have been for the camera's benefit and publicity. But I don't think so. I remember during the Jim Bakker fiasco and you knew her heart was just breaking and she burst into "On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand." I have sang that and many others like it in my heart as I've gone through my own trials and tribulations.

4. Last but not least I can especially relate to her love and acceptance of people -ALL people - regardless of class, religion, color or sexual preference. At my birthday part a friend perused the crowd and commented that I seemed to collect a contradicting conglomerate of people. My guests included White House staff, Burger King employees, Black, White, Asian, a famous Guiding Light actor, Miss DC, my favorite waitress at Denny's, Muslims, Christians, and of course my shell-shocked family from the sticks who had never seen so much diversity in their entire lives. Yes, I know that the Good Book says the only way to heaven is through Jesus, yes, I know what God says about Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. That same Book also gives me very specific instructions that I am to love my neighbor regardless of who or what they worship or how they live their life. I'm to teach them the best I can, love them regardless of their lifestyle, and He'll be the judge.

Yes, the 'Jackie's' in my area definitely have more class, grace and style in their little finger than I will ever have in my entire body, but with all things considering, maybe 'Tammy' isn't such a bad 'place' to be after all.

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Anonymous said...

No doubt Jackie Kennedy was a lovely lady in every sense of the word lady. You ma'am live a very classy life! Class to me is letting your inner Tammy out to the world!