Monday, May 19, 2008


Sally, Mommy and Violet

First things first! Off for a ride with the girls! I swear Sally knows when it's Saturday - she'll grab her leash and run for the door. So we fired up old Dixie, went for a long ride and then stopped at the dog park so they could play with their friends. They were exhausted when we got home! So, while they slept Honey and I cranked up Dixie again and headed for the good ole' Virginia countryside. I'm drivin' Dixie, Honey is ridin' shotgun, we're all dressed up in our cowboy clothes, all windows are down and our hair blowin' in the wind. How much better can life get?

Our good friend Brent is having a big Texas barbecue today at his new house out in the country. Don't you just love the big wrap-around porch?

Brian, pictured above, was the celebrity guest bringin' his fine southern fixin's all the way from Woodbridge, Virginia from the "Dixie Bones" kitchen. If y'all have never been to "Dixie Bones" then y'all have never had real southern cookin'. (I've accused those sweet folks there a couple of times of stealin' my grandma's recipes). Keep checkin' back. This Hillbilly Debutante and her roadies will be takin' a road trip to "Dixie Bones" in the near future.

Honestly, I wouldn't know fine wine if it bit me in the butt - I just liked the picture on the front!

We met up with Terry and Walt, two good ole' boys. If Walt ever gets tired of workin' on the Hill he should buy a bus, hire a band and go out on the open road and give George Strait a run for his $$$. (The boy can sing!)

My little Honey Bunches of Oats..... I have loved this man since I was 17 years old (and known him since I was 6). Isn't he hot?????Good friends, good food, good day! But all good things must end. We thanked Brent for his big Texas hospitality, hopped in the buggy and drove off into the Virginia sunset...back to the bright lights, big city and big gas prices.


Ruthann said...

Howdy Kathie! So glad you stopped by my blog for some Hillbilly Pie. I love your blog! You are a hoot! You are my kinda, sassy and loves her lipstick! And you are a hillbilly like me! yahoooooo! I would be happy to add you on my blogroll! By the way, I am friends with Jim Bakker's new wife Lori. She is a hoot too! Adorable in every way! you can go to to see their show. They live here in Branson. Take care cutie pie!
Warm Pie, Happy Home

Kathie Truitt said...

To my fellow hillbilly girls:

You simply MUST go to Ruthann's blog - It's my favorite!!

Gina said...

Hello from New England! Love your writing style with it's humor and honesty. Found you through Warm Pie, Happy Home. You've both got enjoyable reads. I'd like to bookmark you on my blog, if you don't mind! Take care!