Monday, May 12, 2008

A Great Mother's Day weekend!!

I am on the Women's Committee of The Washington Ballet so I have season tickets. I always have to scramble to find a date because my Honey and William don't want to go (imagine that). Saturday night's show was "Cinderella" - and guess what?!? Honey asked if he could take me. It was so much fun - we had the best seats - and we looked great all dressed up in our fine duds. However, you'll have to take my word for it 'cause I forgot to plug the camera in. But, really, we were cute - trust me! It would have been perfect if William had come with us but he muttered something along the lines of he'd 'rather walk barefoot through snake-infested grass'... Anyhoo - the next day was even more fun - they took me to King's Dominion! It's an amusement park just north of
This is all I really wanted for Mother's Day

Richmond. You haven't lived until you've ridden the 'Rebel Yell' in the pouring rain. I loved it!! We had so much fun - all we did was laugh - and get wet. Wow - forget Mother's Day - I had a Mothers Weekend. I love you guys! And thank you so much.
Me and Scooby!

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