Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Home Sweet Home...

This spring we decided to downsize ... and for the first time in 20 years we are renting..that way when William graduates in 5 1/2 years I can make a quick exit out of the city. Jay says we're not leaving before then so unpack the suitcase and take the moving van phone number off my speed dial.

Since he has that attitude I don't feel the least bit guilty for decorating the house in pink and white.

This is unusual for me - I've always used the Ralph Lauren/English Hunt Country look. But since I've started decorating this way the house is really light and airy - and it cured my wintertime blahs.
Notice the rubber boots! Much to my family's dismay I have a whoooole collection of these! I wear them everywhere. One year to the President's Inaugural Ball I wore my Burberry ones under a long taffeta skirt. I had to swear to Jay that I'd keep them covered up - hey? what was I supposed to do - we had three feet of snow that year.


Violet and her Mommy

This is me holding Violet. She's my other daughter. I felt an overwhelming sadness before Rachael went off to college. I wanted another baby (Jay never denies me anything, but it was an EMPHATIC no on this). Sooo...I started planning for another kind of baby. I love this little girl so much and in some ways she is much more pleasant than my first little girl (sorry, Rach). Violet always wants to snuggle, she is never embarrassed to be seen with me. Nor is she ever embarrassed to go for a ride in Dixie. She never complains when I dress her in little pink sweaters. And most important. She will never go away to college and she will never get married. Her sole purpose in life is to make Mommy happy and that's exactly what she does.

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Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I got a little doggie when my girl moved away, too. But mine was a boy...but I still told Jamie I had replaced her! Your post is a hoot!