Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm just sittin' here in Beverly Hillbilly Heaven....

cast of Beverly Hillbillies
Oh, my goodness - I absolutely love this show! If any y'all out there are wonderin' what to get me for my birthday (hint: July 30th), I would be absolutely beside myself if I was to receive a dvd collection of this fine sitcom! Nope, they don't make television like this anymore. ((sigh))With bein' laid up and not much to do, I've been gettin' re-aquainted with my inner childhood and watchin' the shows that my generation grew up with. Another good one....Leave it to Beaver.Wally, June, Ward and Beaver

Yesterdee, Wally and Beaver were in a heap o' trouble and sent to their room for the rest of the night and the next day. Seems they went to see the horror movie, "The Voodoo Curse", which they were given strict instructions to not see, rather than "Pinochio" which they were told they could see. I laughed so hard my stitches hurt! My goodness how tv land has changed...but, that's for another blog. Right now I'm all about reminiscin'....

Ellie Mae and Uncle Jed

Wasn't that Ellie Mae a cutie pie? I could always relate to her - her innocence, sense of fun and love of animals, but that's as far as the comparison went. I never managed to fill out a pair of jeans - or anything else for that matter quite like she did. And then there's Jethro.

Ya know , this ain't the best picture of Clampett cousin Jethro Bodine. He really was a bit more handsome than this. But, doggone it, he was dumber 'n a box of rocks. Kind a reminds me of this city boy I used date from Kansas City. Really good-lookin', but talkin' to him was like talking to a mule. Come to think of it, I think I had more intelligent feed-back from Grandad's mule than I did that boy. Hmm, and city people think us hicks are dumb. Which brings to mind my favorite sitcom character of all time.... the one..the only...

Granny!! She was sharper 'n a tack, she was feisty and she didn't take no bull-hockey from anyone - let alone those city slickers. And she was smart! I'll save Granny's words of wisdom for another time. I'm still havin' to take it slow and I've worn my self out a bit today. The next few blogs will be about lessons from old sitcoms that can and should be applied in today's society. Til then ((yawn)) I'm gonna hanker down right here on the sofa, got my remote in my hand and ...oh!!! gotta go.... "I Love Luci" is on.


Katydid said...

I have been THOROUGHLY enjoying reading your blog this morning. I agree 110% with ya. As I was reading along you mentioned what you wanted on your birthday and noticed we share the same BIRTH DATE! LOL!
Anyway, I am an OKIE and I suggest you move back to the Ozark hills where you belong! LOL
Well I am going to go pop in my Beverly Hillbillies dvd now.

God Bless Ya!

Kathie Truitt said...


Thanks for the compliment! And how cool is it that we have the same birtday!!

I don't think I'll even get to go back to Eldorado Springs, MO this year. Not even for a short visit (boo-hoo!)

Since you're an Okie and you're a Leo, it only makes sense that you're a Merle Haggard fan!! (I am!)

Thanks for writin' and you're welcome here anytime. Ya' come back now, y'hear?

Kathie Truitt