Saturday, June 7, 2008

June Cleaver would never wear sweat pants to the mall

Of all the sitcom parents throughout the years, even up to today, I think Ward and June Cleaver are clearly the best. They always knew their place - at the head of the household. They never tried to be their kids best friends. They never tried to be cool. And they were always a team - if they had a disagreement it was never in front of the boys. They also demanded their kids behave and mind their manners. (Yes, ma'am, No, sir)

June, especially, is my idol. No, ladies, I don't think you should wear your finest dress, heels and pearls while you're cleaning the tub (unless you want to). However, I have found that if I put my makeup on, wear a little bit of jewelry, do my hair and wear something fairly cute I feel really energetic and find myself wanting to do my chores. (I don't do heels because I'd break my neck. ) Try it! It works. Not only that - I promise you that your family will like it. Not only will they have a clean, sparklin' house, but Mama will smell and look nice, too. Not sayin' that the majority of you girls

don't already do this, but you'd be shocked at what I see around here most of the time...

I see women who, in the middle of the day look like they haven't combed their hair or gotten out of their pajamas, let alone put on a little makeup. You think your men don't care? Wroooong!

Honey has completely banned sweat pants from my wardrobe! Okay, I am allowed to wear them in the wintertime when I go for my walk. But that's it. He hates them and not just on me - but all women. He made a statement one day that just really shocked me. He said he thought part of the downfall of our society is that we've gotten too casual. People don't have any pride in their appearance. Which leads to no pride in your job, no pride in your home, no pride in your family. Think about it. Don't we feel better when we get out of the shower and we're all powdered up? I know I do.

I know June didn't have any teenage daughters, but if she did, I'd bet my bottom dollar that she wouldn't have tried to dress like 'em or compete with 'em. June would never have tried to wear short shorts, or wear midriff bearing tops, although she did have the figure for it. She was too much of a lady and had too much class to wear something like that.
She never flirted with with Wally and Beaver's friends. When that rascal Eddie Haskell tried to flirt with her, she didn't go out and have a mid-life crisis, suddenly donning mini-skirts and halters. No, she did what any good Mom would do - she'd automatically become suspicious of him and wonder what he was up to. I know the Cleaver's didn't really exist (darn it!) Ozzie and Harriet were a real family (even though they had their own sitcom), and they had the day to day problems that most families have. I guess if truth be known it's television like 'that' that I miss. Everything about television today is sexual. Everything. Or if it's not sexual innuendos then it's 'adult situations'. Do you know the "Rascal Flats" song - "I Miss Mayberry"? Read the words and you'll know exactly where I'm comin' from.

Sometimes it feels like this world is spinning faster

Than it did in the old days

So naturally, we have more natural disasters

From the strain of a fast pace

Sunday was a day of rest

Now, it’s one more day for progress

And we can’t slow down ‘cause more is best It’s all an endless process

Chorus (Well) I miss sleeping

Sitting on the porch drinking ice-cold cherry Coke

Where everything is black and white duh na na na na na na na na

Picking on a six string

Where people pass by and you call them by their first name

Watching the clouds roll by Bye, bye

Sometimes I can hear this old earth shouting Through the trees as the wind blows

That’s when I climb up here on this mountain

To look through God’s window

Now I can’t fly

But I got two feet that get me high up here

Above the noise and city streets

My worries disappear

(Repeat Chorus)

( Sometimes I dream I’m driving down an old dirt road Not even listed on a map

I pass a dad and son carrying a fishing pole

But I always wake up every time I try to turn back

(Repeat Chorus)

Songwriter: Arlos Smith

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Agree agree agree! June would've liked that song... but she would've wanted those boys to comb their hair!