Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lessons from Granny....

I've come to the conclusion that society just needs to slow down a bit - quite a bit if ya ask me. And I'm not the only one that thinks it. Don't y'all think these risin' gas prices might be a sign from the Good Lord that we just need to hold our horses for just a dog-gone minute?

All this hustle and bustle and everyone tryin' to keep up with the Jones'. ( Who the heck are the Jones' anyway? Only Jones' I knew were Ab and Mary Lou - and heck - they don't pay no 'never mind' to what y'all are doin'!) Anyhow, it got me to thinkin' - in times like these "What Would Granny Do?"

Well, first of all money didn't change 'em much. With the exception of moving into a new house in a new state, their life didn't change all that much. Just 'cause they were now high-falutin' city people didn't mean they needed to go and buy a new car. Why the ole' truck that took 'em cross country from Taney County, Missouri to Beverly Hills worked just fine. If it ain't broke - don't fix it! Same with the clothes - why buy fancy new duds when the ones ya' got fit ya' just fine?

With all that money, Granny could easily have afforded some kitchen help - but no way! Granny still made everything from scratch. Only lazy folk took shortcuts. Which brings to mind that

Granny still believed in a good day's work. She was disgusted by the rich, spoiled people in Beverly Hills. And she still expected the young' uns to behave. Some of my favorite episodes would be when Jethro would come up with one of his hare-brained ideas and Granny'd have to grab him by the ear and bring him to his, senses.

And another lesson...possum's good no matter how ya cook it. JUST KIDDING!!! Do you know how many city people ask me if us hillbillies really do eat possum? Come on, get real. As long as there are cans of Spam on the Wal-Mart shelf we don't need to resort to road kill.

Granny was wise, yessiree! She knew Mr. Drysdale didn't give two hoots about them! All he cared about was their money. See the look on her face? The kinfolk may have told em' California is the place they outta be, but she knew the best place in the world was the Ozark Hills of Missouri.
Okay, today with everybody waitin' in two hour lines to see the likes of the new Sex and the City movie, and sitcoms like Will and Grace (now only in reruns) and Two and a Half Men, I know I'm in the minority - but The Beverly Hillbillies was the epitome of wholesome family entertainment. Since, I've been house-bound from my surgery I've been watchin' every day and as Uncle Jed would say - yee, doggies - I forgot just how funny these shows are! So the most important lesson from Granny?? That yes, we can have good, clean television without sexual innuendos, dirty jokes and adult situations. Call me old-fashioned, prudish, or wierd (trust me, I've been called worse), but our world would be a lot better off nowadays if we still had Granny - do I hear an Amen?


Trish said...

AMEN!!! I agree 100%! Thanks for the post.

Sisiggy said...

That's it! You've come up with a brilliant marketing idea! WWGD bracelets!