Sunday, July 6, 2008

Color me sad....

Tomorrow, my medical leave is up and I'm back to work. Ho-hum. Please, don't get me wrong. God has blessed me with a wonderful job and I am so thankful to Him. It's just that I loved being home every day.

I don't understand people who say they get bored staying home. I love puttering around the house, tidying things up, making everything pretty. I loved getting up about 7:30 every morning and 'commuting' to my computer to work on my book, which by the way, I am in the middle of Chapter 20, thank you very much.

I've never liked an 'office atmosphere'. First of all, I'd rather have easy access to the outdoors. I feel like life is passing me by when I'm cooped up in a building all day. Second of all, I am not good at, nor do I like office politics. I've never been one to step all over someone else to get what I want and I don't understand people that are. And last, but not least, I hate, hate, hate traffic!

Oh, did I mention how much I hate traffic? Tomorrow, I've decided to get up earlier than usual - about 5:15-5:30 - I'll let you know if I actually DO that, but hey, I'm gonna try. I'm gonna take an early morning walk and then come back home and sit on my screened-in sun porch and play with Sally and Violet before I dress for success. Then I'll head for the office. I'll pack my personal computer in my bag, and work on my book during my lunch hour. The end of July is coming up fast, so I need to work extra hard in order to finish it.

Maybe, just maybe my hard work will pay off, and I'll eventually get to make a living doing what I love most of all - being a full-fledged author. Please keep me in your prayers, that God will give me the talent of the written word and I'll be able to live out the remainder of my life (and I'm asking for a life-span of 105 years), doing what I love to do more than anything else. Write.

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