Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lipstick on the heart.....

Sounds like the words to a country music song, huh? Every once in a while I'll come up with a saying that is completely 'random', as my kids would say. I guess that 'randomness' (oh, just go ahead and say it - I'm wierd!) comes from years of being on the radio. My off time was spent coming up with new material to use for my show. Or I, at least liked to call it 'material'. My boss fondly (I hope) referred to my quotes as "Kathie-isms". So, I guess "lipstick on the heart" is, if you will, a Kathie-ism.
It's a very interesting how this particular saying came about. I hope you'll keep reading, because it's a lesson, as ladies, we should keep in mind every day.

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It was a Sunday morning about 8 years ago, and doing what I do every single, solitary day of my life, I got up before the rest of the family, showered, styled my hair and carefully put my makeup on. (I do this even if I'm going to be riding my horse on a 105 degree day - seriously, I need to attend "Makeup Anonymous")

After my face was on, I went to my closet and picked out the dress and shoes. I made my way to the jewelry box and very selectively decided on what jewelry I would wear. I'm pretty predictable, so I am almost positive that I was wearing my pearls. Satisfied that everything looked 'just right', I made sure the rest of the family was fed and spit-shined. Then, off we went.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, or maybe I just can't remember - I was in a bad mood that day. Oh, on the outside I was my same old, friendly self - if you'd seen me I would have smiled at you and given you a big ole' hug. But on the inside I was really feeling grumpy that day. No, I was worse than grumpy.

Here I am in the pew where I am supposed to be worshipping God and focusing on Jesus. But instead, I was looking around the room and mentally cutting everyone I saw to shreds. The funny thing is... I NEVER do that!! Honest! I won't even be friends with anyone who does that. But for some reason, that particular day, I couldn't see anything positive in anyone (including myself).

When our minister (and one of my best friends) Eddie Randolph, stepped into the pulpit and started talking about how we need to stop being judgemental and see people how Jesus sees them, from the inside, it was if he was talking straight to me. Suddenly, a light bulb came on.

I had spent so much time polishing and perfecting the outside, and absolutely no time polishing and perfecting the inside. Oh, my goodness! I felt so ashamed and I asked God for his forgiveness right then and there! After services, I approached Eddie and told him how his sermon had touched me. I told him of my foul mood and foul thoughts and how I'd forgotten to put 'lipstick on the heart' that morning. He laughed at my analogy, but after that, the saying just kind of 'stuck.'

I always thought it would be cool to base a women's ministry on the concept of "lipstick on the heart."

It would remind us each and every day, that while it's great to get all "painted and powdered up" we need to spend at least an equal, if not more amount of time on our thoughts and actions toward others. "Lipstick on the heart" would require us to spend more time in our Bibles, and more time in prayer. It would encourage us to watch our language - my main weakness (((embarrass))) or oftentimes biting our tongue, and most important treating others with kindness and understanding.

We should revel in our girliness!! God made us to be feminine! It's okay to like shopping, makeup, etc - and it's also 100% okay if you don't like those things. Either way, if you're a girly girl, or a tomboy, my point is that our main job as Godly women is to keep our hearts and souls beautiful (think the virtous woman in Proverbs 31). Ladies, I've said this a million times - WE, as women set the mood of our home. What makes us thing we can't set the mood of the world? Imagine, if everyone of us practiced 'lipstick on the heart.' I am convinced this world would be a better place.

What if we each made a commitment to do this? Are you with me? I want to know your thoughts and comments. Even if you disagree with me or think I'm flaky (gee, like no one has ever thought that before), I'd love to hear from you.

By the way, if you leave comments, it's set up in such a way that your e-mail address doesn't display. I know some of you have been concerned about that. Anyway, love to you all. Until next time...I might think about writin' that country song.


Merrie said...

Hi; I love your blog; I just started this blogging thing and I am totally addicted to it!!! What a nice post; made me think about myself. Thanks so much. I put you on my feeds list so I wont miss a thing; Ill add you to my blog list too just for fun and to share with others. Have a great week.

Cheryl said...

I loved this! Thanks for keeping our minds on the right track. I look forward to checking your blog everyday to see if you have posted something new. I really enjoy it.

Lisa Ann said...

I get what you are saying. I love your Kathie-isms.

charlesangel said...

Hello Kathie, I sent my blogsite address to your Mother and she in turn gave yours to me. She knows me as Deanie. Blogging is quite new for me,,, just since the first of this year when I got a google account on my new computer.
I have not had time to read much on your blog yet,, "Lipstick on the Heart" is really good and inspiring! I also like your "Kathie-isms." I love the Lord and being a child of God {a born again Christian} I love to read about Him and His children.
Love and Prayers,