Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Rare Family Night Out

After a few months of writing to you almost everyday, I feel like it's time to introduce you to my family. It's very rare that we all get a night out together. But when we do, let me just tell you, it is the highlight of my life. It brightens my world and makes me smile for days. So, without further adieu... l to r: Son-in-law Dino, daughter Rachael, and of course you've already met Will

the lovely and talented Floriana
Dino and his mother Floriana own a fabulous Italian restaurant in D.C. aptly named "Floriana". It's a lovely atmosphere with exquisite Italian cuisine. Everything - and I mean everything is home made by the wonderful Floriana herself. (no manufactured pasta for her - no siree - she does it all by hand).

My parents

Yes, that's the infamous Mama that I write about so often. She still keeps me on the straight and narrow. By the way, she is here helping me edit the last stages of my book before I send it off to the publisher. One thing I love about this woman - she is brutally honest - she makes me a better writer!!

Will and his hillbilly Mom (he is also my web master)

Any computer related problems I might have, or any questions that need to be answered - he's the man! Just a little teaser here - in the near future Hillbilly Debutante will be expanding! When Will gets back from his summer vacation he will be busy creating a website, also called "Hillbilly Debutante" linked to this blog. The website will be featuring vintage clothes, new and vintage aprons, vintage jewelry as well as home items. (ALL his idea, I might add). Rachael, Will and I are also in the process of creating "hillbilly debutante" t-shirts that will be available to you on the website. I'll give you more info as we work out the details.

Dino, with his proud mother-in-law

I just love Dino. We couldn't ask for a better son-in-law. Rachael hasn't stopped smiling since she met him, and I love the way he treats Will like a little brother.

My cutie pie with Dino's aunt, Donatella

Even though Donatella is probably my age or younger, Honey and I still call her "Aunt Donna." She is just a doll. We love to get her and Floriana together to talk about their parents and what it was like growing up in Italy. What's even more fun is when they start telling us stories about Dino when he was growing up. We laughed this night until our sides were sore. Floriana and Donatella are two very fascinating women. If I could sit Floriana down long enough (she has more energy than a 2 year old on a sugar high!), I'd love to hear her life story. Just the little bits and pieces I've heard sound like a great novel. Of course just her name alone would be a great title for a book...or a broadway play...."Floriana!" (spoken with an Italian accent, of course)

If you're in Washington D.C. and you want the best Italian food, or just the best food, period, then mosey on over to 17th and Q and have yourself some of the best vittles around. And that's not just me talking - Floriana's restaurant has won many "Best of Washington" awards. Tell her that the Hillbilly Debutante sent ya. Til next time!


The Incorrigible said...

Gorgeous family, Kathie--and aren't you just the clone of your lovely mother! Thanks particularly for posting these, and the good news about the help you're getting with editing The Book!

Jamie said...

I found your blog on Meg's and I thought I'd drop by and say hi! It looks like you have a great family! Congrats on The Book in the works and your upcoming webpage! Can hardly wait to check them out!