Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Surry, Virginia

A little blurry, but welcome to Surry

Okay, yes, that rhyme was a little cheesy, I know. Can ya' tell I'm tired from being on the road all the time? This mornin' we left my house at 7:00 am and ended up in Surry at 10:00 - just as the Historical Society was openin' up. (Mama is into geneology and since we have Daddy's relatives figured out aaalll the way back to the Revolutionary War - and beyond - now we're tryin' to go back as far as we can with Mama's side)

So, while she was hard at work, Daddy and Will humored me and took me to the adorable shop of Sharon Faison in downtown Surry. We drove past and it took just one look for me to do a you-ie on the main drag and high-tail it in to the parking lot.

While the pictures show you the absolutely breathtaking job Sharon does -the pictures don't do it justice. You really just have to see her work to believe it. She is amazing. From what I gather, just by looking at her store - she takes normal every day pieces and paints murals, flowers - whatever you want! My favorite is the top one. I bought a little stool from her that I fell in love with - when it gets here I'll post it so you can see it, too. I would've loved to take more pictures, but you know what? - blogging is new. And sometimes when you go into someone's store and they've never layed eyes on you and you want to start clickin' away it makes them nervous. I TOTALLY understand that. But Sharon was gracious enough to let me take a few snapshots - and she allowed me to take one of her, too so you can see how lovely she is.

Sharon Faison

Sharon informed me that she will soon have a website up and going so you can view all of her products online. When she's ready for online business I'm sure she'll let me know so I can pass on her web address to all of you. In the meantime, if you find yourself in the Jamestown, Virginia area, why don't you take a nice relaxing ride on the ferry and head up the road about 5 miles to Surry. Her shop is east on Hiway 10. I know she'd love to see you - and trust me, you'll be glad you stopped by. Did I mention that she also has vintage inspired clothes and accessories?

Will and his Grandpa

And speaking of the Jamestown ferry, after we left Sharon's, we hopped the legendary ferry and headed over to Jamestown for a quick look around. Can you believe I left my camera in the car when we got there? Am I a sorry blogger or what? How could I forget the camera? Gee!

Okay, I hope this doesn't creep you out, but I just love old cemetaries. I love to read the epitaph's (or is it epitath?) In the old days, relatives would write lovely sayings about their loved ones on their head stones. For instance, 'she was the sunshine of our life' - isn't that beautiful? No one does that anymore. Anyway, think what you must, but I find peace and tranquility in these old resting places. As for what I want my head stone to say? Even in death I want to make people smile - "I told you I was sick!" would probably get a chuckle, don'tcha think?

After we picked up Mama from her afternoon at the Surrey Historical society (thank you Faye Savedge, by the way, for all your help), we headed over to the charming town of Wakefield, Virginia. It was actually my Will's idea to stop here! I didn't dare ask. I figured after a long day of driving, an hour strolling through the cemetary, a ride across the James River and back, that he'd be exhausted. But he pointed this place out to me and asked if we could go in. Go in?? Are you kidding? You don't have to ask me twice.

I love the old Coca-Cola machine. Oh, and check out the red, white and blue horse!! Love it, but my homeowners association would probably put their foot down on that one.

Thanks for coming along on this Dixie Road trip. I've been gone a lot this week so I'll probably give old Dixie a rest for at least a few days. It was wonderful to spend some time taking in that fresh country air. By the way, I'm always open to suggestions on ideas for more road trips. If something is going on in your community or if you'd like to have the Dixie Road crew show up at your event just give me a shout! I'd love to hear from you!

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