Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer afternoon, two sweetest words in the English Language...(Henry James)

As kids growing up, we had a very traditional home, meaning Mama stayed home. She did work, but it was at the school so she was always home whenever we were. Which also meant that she had summers free. She always had a project going. That reminds me - have I ever mentioned just how talented Mama is? Well, if I haven't then let me reiterate (my new word for the week) that fact right here and now. She is one talented lady - there is nothing - and I mean nothing that she can't do.

She spent most of the summer sewing - I always had a brand new wardrobe every year. Although I preferred Daddy's oversize t-shirts that hung to my knees, with wrangler jeans and cowboy boots, she taught me that I could put some of the cute tops she had created over the jeans. Much cuter than Daddy's shirts. She made the tops I wore for rodeos and horse shows. She sewed my pageant and queen contest clothes as well as my baton twirling uniform. One year she even made the uniforms for every one of the drill team girls (about 15 of 'em - yikes!) Mama was also (and still is) a fabulous cook!! She never cooked southern style like grandma or most other mom's in the area. Instead, Mama made fun, exotic dishes that you only ate in fancy restaurants (which we did not have in our town). Because of that everyone always liked to come to our house for meals.

I never learned much domesticity from Mama. Not because she didn't try to teach me. Trust me, she tried like the dickens. I just was not a willing student. I always wanted to be outside with the cats and dogs, cattle and horses. I had no use for indoor pursuits.

Some days I 'd head for the pool, but most of my time was spent riding one of the horses - mainly my little horse Dusty, who by the way, could outrun any of my friends' high dollar horses. When I wanted to go fast and be a daredevil, Dusty was the one I'd saddle up. When I wanted to relax and just enjoy the scenery, I'd ride Buck, the laziest horse, to this day, I have ever seen. Most summer weekends were spent at rodeos. I loved to barrel race. Although I ride English now, I miss being a cowgirl.
tree full of lightning bugs

Summer nights, as a kid, were spent chasing lightning bugs in the front yard, or picking vegetables out of my grandma's garden.

When I got older my girlfriends and I would drive around El Dorado Springs in Daddy's pickup truck and honk and wave at every one. That's really all there was to do, but it was so much fun! We'd have the a/c going full blast with the windows rolled down.

The El Dorado Springs Picnic came around once a year and was THE summer social event. From the time school let out in May all we could talk about was what we were going to wear, or who we hoped would ask us. Just for the record, I never had a date! When I finally starting dating my Honey, he was always out in the field and could never make it in time. Then the year we did go together, well after we were married, I was pregnant with our second child and the smell of hotdogs, cotton candy and popcorn made me sick - I couldn't be too far from a trash can - yuk!

The Picnic' as its called is going on right now, and it is still the biggest social event of the year, and oh, how I wish I was there! That's where my Will is and he has been looking forward to it since February! Hopefully, he can take pictures and send them back to us and I'll be able to explain in better detail exactly what this event is. Maybe one day I'll load up Dixie and you can join me for a Dixie road trip there! Until then, I hope your summer is going well. Don't forget to pop a top on a can of soda (Nehi Grape is my fave!) and go out to the back porch and sit a spell.

After all, you're never too old or never too busy to enjoy the lightning bugs on a warm summer night!


Meg said...

Oh.My.Gosh. I think I have found my online blogging twinkie...a LV gal, from the in the city? mean there are two of us??? Cool!!!

I love your place here...I am in Texas!

OneCowgirl said...

thanks for visiting my blog...I am a city girl gone country caviar to calf nuts and meg is the exact opposite...keep in touch...