Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yes, another Dixie Road trip...

Kathie Truitt and the handsome Captain Snarly

This time to Old Town Alexandria for the Pirate Boat Ride on the "Admiral Tilp." In the 7 years I've lived here - I've never done the pirate trip so...Here we go! It was so hot and humid - I'm in a short-sleeve shirt and capris and on fire - I know Captain Snarly has to be incredibly hot with all his pirate attire on - whew! I guess a pirates life is not for me.

Mama. The handsome man with her is Daddy!

Okay, you two - this is the "Admiral Tilp" - not "The Love Boat"

The Jolly Roger proudly flying in the wind to let passersby know that we're a boatload of mean, angry pirates - AARRGH! (that's the Maryland shore in the background) Oh, the things I do for my Mama when she comes to town. (Actually, it was kinda fun)

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