Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I will be submitting my "Lipstick on the Heart" post to Christian Woman's Magazine

My dear friend, Sherri Norman, in El dorado Springs, Missouri - my hometown (one of them, anyway) suggested that I send "Lipstick on the Heart" to Christian Woman. After e-mailing them and finally hearing back, I have decided to do just that!

I'll need to 'tweak' it somewhat - a whole lot, really - and then I'll send it on it's merry way. I think it's a great message for all of us 'girls' to think about. I'll spruce it up a bit and send it out!

I'll let you know what happens. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and prayers.

Maybe, just one day I might amount to a hill o' beans.



Natalie said...

I miss you Kathie!

Kathie Truitt said...

Is this my little Natalie? My sweet little intern Natalie. If so, I miss you too, sweetheart!!! Come and visit me when you come home from UVA!!!

Love ya, 'your Spire Mama'