Monday, September 29, 2008

Changes are a-comin'!

No, I'm not talking about the bailout! I'm talking about my blog. I think I've been a little 'dark' lately, so I'm getting ready to take my blog in a different direction. Yes, a lot of the mood has come from writing the book which is THISCLOSE to being finished. I have an editor working on it now. I'm making grammatical corrections, and finishing up the last two chapters. When that's done then it's off to the publisher.

In the past year I have been getting out more, being more social, meeting new people and trying new things. And I am pleased to tell you I am having a blast!

This weekend I went to a Martina McBride concert at Nissan Pavillion - fun!!! (of course I forgot my camera). Weekend before that I went with my dear friend, Pat Skantze, to DC Fashion Week. It was at the French Embassy and it was a blast! The fashions were awesome and I found one designer that I absolutely LOVED!!! His name is Thomas Lavone. Anyway, Pat and I were talking to him after the show, and he is making a dress for me for the IEF Eye Gala on October 7th. AND, get this, he wants to design more things for me!! How cool is that?? (I'll post pictures of the dress and Thomas as well, as we work together.)

Also, with this new-found attitude I have, I broke down and went on the Nutri-System diet. AND, I went out this weekend and got a new 'do, AND a new color. As soon as I can borrow the camera from Will I'll post a few pictures. (I need to just buy my own, don't I??)

So, just to let you know - starting tomorrow, Hillbilly Debutante will be going in a slightly different direction. More fun, fashion, road trips, and adventure!

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