Monday, October 27, 2008

The Ballet, The Book and The Wall

Here we are in front of the Kennedy Center getting ready to go see "Genius 2". It's a tradition to attend several ballet shows together each year.

I've lived here for over 7 years and never been in the Kennedy Center! Can you believe that?

(Unfortunately, my pictures don't do it justice.' See Rachael's bright smile on the side there? I love her!)) Last year all the shows were waaaayyy across town at the Harmon Center.

Before the show we stepped out on the veranda to admire the view. That's the gorgeous Arlington, Virginia skyline reflecting onto the Potomac River. So pretty. And amazingly enough, very quiet and peaceful.

My only complaint about the show? That my tickets this year are for Wednesday night instead of a weekend night. By the time I get out of the garage and drive back home it's late! ((Yawn)). I'm not a good party animal because it's hard for me to stay up late and then get up early the next mornin'!

Anyway, I'm gonna be a homebody for the next couple of weeks, I'm afraid.

Time to hunker down and get that book finished. Speaking of which...I think I might have a name for this 'masterpiece' ((sarcastic)). What is it, you ask? Nope, I'm not tellin' yet.

Oh, fine! You twisted my arm. I'm thinking about "False Victim". What does that conjure up when you hear that title? No! Don't tell me what you think! I'm not ready to hear opinions yet. I am hopin' to finish it this week, though. I know, I know. I keep sayin' that, don't I?

This time the pressure is on. I'm supposed to get with my editor this weekend and go over re-writes. ((Bor-ing!))

By the way, this is the desk I've been writing from. (Ignore the blank wall, please). This was a table that I picked up at a flea market. It was an ugly brown, contemporary 1970's table, but the more I studied it, the more I could see what it could be. I spent many hours during my time off this summer, sanding it smooth. I then painted it white and had Honey add the curly-q's on all 4 corners. And voila! It's a shabby chic writing desk! Very charming.

Now, regarding that ugly, naked wall. Not charming. It's driving me crazy! I am one of these people that has to have every nook and cranny filled, and every bit of every wall decorated. So, welcome to my new project! The Wall. What do you think I should do with it? I'm thinking about putting up mirrors of all different shapes and sizes. Or should I try to find a large picture? I'm so confused! Help!!

As soon as I get a few suggestions, I'll take off one Saturday and visit a few flea markets, garage sales and Thrift Stores. My favorite thing to do!

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whimsydaisy said...

I wa short on time, but I will be back to read more! Great job on the table.