Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Letter From Home...

I'm not worthy! That's all I can say as I sit here with a big lump in my throat as I finish reading today's mail.


Do you know the hardest thing about livin' in the city? It's not the traffic, the overcrowded malls, streets or restaurants. It's not the rudeness or apathy. It's ....well....

Let's see, what is the best way to explain this?

Have you ever seen the movie "Crocodile Dundee"? (If you haven't, then that's your assignment for the week. It's a totally mindless movie. Pure fluff. Pure fun.)

Paul Hogan as "Crocodile Dundee"

Anyway, there is a part in the movie where "Mick" visits New York City for the first time. Heck, it's the first time he's ever even been away from home. He tries to greet everyone he sees with a cheery "G'day" and they look at him like he's crazy. Well! I feel like "Mick" almost every day of my life. Except people don't look at me like I'm crazy, they just look at me with utter contempt. Or like I'm from a different planet.

So, as a result, I'm probably not as sweet and friendly as I used to be. Mainly because when you do try to speak and be polite, it makes people angry. Or worse, it attracts the crazies. I learned the hard way that it's just better to be quiet and keep the peace.

But, if you're outgoing, loud, happy and like to laugh, it also makes for a very dull existence. Which is what brings me here. Hillbilly Debutante allows me to keep that part of who I am alive and kickin'. It's connecting with and hearing from all of you that makes my world go 'round.

So, this morning when I sat down at my desk, and started reading my e-mails I 'opened' a letter that just made my heart swell. Can I share it with you?

"Dear Kathie,

I was reading your blog yesterday. You were struggling with the question of whether it was a writer's blog or a travel/road blog, a fashion blog, whatever.

Kathie, you have never been constrained to one of those labels. Your personality and adventures and likes/dislikes are why we read it. Not for one or the other. Your personality was always your best feature and your life is unlike any of us. You were a radio personality, a Mrs Missouri, a lobbyists wife, a George Washington lover, cowgirl, wife, mother and a writer. BE ALL OF THOSE! We love it! I would be terribly bored if you pigeon-holed your blog."

Well, okay then! It's amazing what a few words of encouragement can do. I feel like a whole new girl. Or at least myself again.

It is such a nice feeling to know that someone likes what you're doing.

Thank you, for the letter above, and thanks to ALL of you who read Hillbilly Debutante every day. I appreciate everyone of you and will work very hard to earn your loyalty. ((humble))



Lisa Ann said...

She's right Kathie just be yourself. My blog doesen't have a topic it's just who I am and the things I love.
I could never live in a city. I would just be myself and to heck with anyone else.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

What a wonderful letter to receive. I don't think my blog falls into any particular category either...Just me in all my glory (or embarrassment...depends on the day)

The Vintage Housewife... said...

well sweet kitten ...you go! just shine...thank you for your sweet comments on my blog...you know i believe in being you...so go out and sass it up...i am so thankful for your comments...and am so in love with the fact your from the ozarks...my dream is to live there in my sassy farm dresses can you see me with pie? oooooh what bliss...swing by again soon cat

The Vintage Kitten said...

I am with you there. Im a complete misery guts, because you smile at people and they look at you like you are demented. A blog is 'yours' so you should do and say whatever you feel. I keep getting pigeon holed as the 'funny' blog. I dont want to be funny all the time. I dont try to be amusing. My blog description from the start was recipes, household tips, thrifting and vintage images. I dont seem to have done any of what I set out to because I started with people getting to know me, where I live etc and feel now if I just put a recipe up with nothing else I would probably lose readers. Maybe I should take my own advice and do what 'I' want and not what people expect.