Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Opening Night at the Ballet

Septime Webre, creative director, Washington Ballet
photo courtesy of Washington Post

Tonight is opening night at the Washington Ballet. I serve on the Women's Committe, so I subscribe to tickets each season. And guess what? I found the camera! Yep. There will be pictures tomorrow. Finally. (This year we are back at the Kennedy Center.)

You just can not beat the art scene as far as Washington D.C is concerned and to say that I live for these ballet performances is not an exaggeration. It's nights like tonight that make me proud to live here.

There I said it. I am proud to live in my nation's capital. I am so torn because being an avid dog lover, horsewoman and outdoor person in general, I often times feel very stifled in the city, like I'm choking. Yes, definitely I belong in the country.

But, it's nights like tonight, when the lights dim, the orchestra starts to play, and these beautiful, talented dancers take to the stage and weave their magic that I think maybe, just maybe, living in the city 'ain't' so bad after all.


the voice of melody said...

I agree. The country's great, beautiful landscapes, friendly people, clean air, a sense of cozy (I'm picturing a log cabin!), great food, and all that wonderful country living.

But there is so much to do in a big city, great restaurants and places to visit. I guess I'm glad to be sort of in the middle, in my mind anyway, living in a suburb.

Many sweet blessings!

The Vintage Kitten said...

Im a city girl living in the country (UK) I love my surroundings of fields and animals but there are occasions when I wish I had the city night life or a shopping mall, but then on a beautiful sunny day there is nothing better than being in the enlish countryside, Mandy

Michelle said...

Oh I love the ballet! I had planned on seeing Swan Lake with the Oregon Ballet Theatre with a friend when I realized we missed it! Darn!

Michelle :)