Monday, October 13, 2008

What are you wearing this fall? Where is your favorite autumn place?

I love classic, traditional, WASP-y style clothes...tweeds, plaids, anything that remotely resembles English riding/country clothes. Maybe it's from all those years I lived in England. Even so, I remember as a young girl, being in love with British cars and clothes and always wanting to learn to ride English.

The best place in the U.S. to buy traditional, English-inspired clothing is Brooks Brothers. I have been known to peruse that store for hours (my favorite is on Connecticut Avenue). We are even fortunate enough to have outlet stores in our area (Potomac Mills and Leesburg)

As I've stated before I love J. Crew, although they've gotten slightly off the beaten (traditional) path as of late. But I was very pleasantly surprised by Talbot's this year. As you probably know Talbot's, was first established in Hingham, Massachusett's in 1947. The clothing was strictly, classic traditional clothing, but somewhere along the line in the last few years, Talbot's forgot who their customer was and started trying to be all things to all people.

I was very surprised (pleasantly, I might add) when I noticed this spring that it seemed they were getting back to what they do best - tailored, classic, traditional, fine-quality clothes. I held off shopping this summer because I didn't really need anything. And I admit I was still holding a slight grudge for the fact they had been buckling and caving in to the 'trendy' crowd.

But after viewing their fall/winter line I have to say they've won me back. I told the sales lady how pleased I was and that the clothes were similar to early J. Crew (with more affordable prices), to which she replied that Talbot's new designer was, indeed, a former designer with J. Crew. So, apparently after lagging sales, and I am sure many complaints from women like myself, Talbot's (bless their heart) is once again going back to their roots.

Anyway, with my weight loss I needed a few pants, so I bought a few pair of cordoruys and a pair of tweed pants. Nothing like cords and tweeds to make you feel all cozy and 'autumny' - is that a word? Speaking of autumn, it's my favorite time of year!

Okay, I'm switching gears, I know, but isn't that a gorgeous scene?? This is what the Shenandoah Valley looks like this time of year. I love it. Sometimes I'll load up the dogs in old 'Dixie', (yes I still have her!) and we'll drive out to Middleburg, Virginia to see the rolling hills, the beautiful farms, and quaint shops. It's a very animal-friendly town so I'll put leashes on the girls and we'll go from store to store.

I buy my riding tack from a shop in Middleburg, so next time I go, I'll take along the camera. It's a very charming little town and community. It reminds me very much of the English countryside. It is also in the middle of Virginia Hunt country.

Why don't you stop and take a breather? Stop thinking about the markets, mortgage crisis, election and other things that you can't control and get out and smell the cool, crisp, fall air. Take in the beauty of the foliage, carve a pumpkin - just enjoy the great outdoors. Take advantage of and bask in the things that are still free and aren't affected by the economy! Until next time....

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Gracie Beth said...

I am so jealous that you lived in England!