Saturday, October 18, 2008

There is someone I want you to meet...

Her name is Ruthanne and her blog is called "". Now, I'm going to tell you right upfront that once you head on over to her place, you're gonna like her a whole lot better than you do me. It's okay. Really.

Her blog is so charming, and you can just tell by the pictures and the dialogue that what you see/read is exactly what you get. Her blog is wholesome, warm, absolutely adorable, and you can tell that she is incredibly sweet. And beautiful.

Sometimes at night, right before bedtime I'll fire up the computer, and mosey over to 'warmpiehappyhome. Did I mention that she's from my neck of the woods? (The Ozarks.) I didn't? The words she writes, mixed with the sweet, hillbilly music that wafts through the speakers calms my soul and takes me back to where I know I belong. And some nights it makes me so homesick that I just want to cry (like tonight).

Don't worry - you're not gonna get all teary eyed if you go over and say 'hey' to Ruthanne. Unless you're like me. A country girl stuck in the city and you're missin' your Mama and Daddy something fierce. No, after reading Ruthanne's blog you'll feel warm and happy! just like the blog says. (she also has some mighty fine pie recipes.)

So, go on ahead and head over there right now - go on! Scoot! I promise I won't be jealous. But
you do have to come back and visit me every once in a while. Ya' hear?

Tell her the Hillbilly Debutante sent ya! She'll know who you're talkin' bout.

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Jen said...

She has an amazing blog! And attitude! Thank you for sharing!