Monday, October 27, 2008

WooHoo!! This is my 50th posting!!

Wow! I can't believe! 50! Let's celebrate!!! Cake and punch for everyone!

It's the least I can do for your patience! You have been with me every step of the way as I created my own little escape from the crazy city life. Y'all have stuck by me as I have tried to decide exactly what I wanted Hillbilly Debutante to be. A lifestyle blog? A fashion blog? A writer's blog?

Originally, it was meant to be a writer's blog, then somehow morphed into a travel/road trip blog.

Then I thought I'd change things up a bit, and be more of a fashion blog - no thanks!! Although, my readership grew by leaps and bounds, I have to admit, I just didn't enjoy those posts at all.

I have to be true to who I am. Which you all should know by now is vintage cars, vintage trucks,

ripped jeans, wellington boots, cowboy boots, the lush, green countryside,

and the beautiful, wonderful, smell of .......

and, oh, yeah.....

So, a big "Thank you" to my fellow hillbilly debutante's out there in blog land!

Here's to 50 more! ((Hugs!)) And no more wierd changes, I promise. Just good ole' hillbilly country lovin' - I promise


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Way to go! Congrats on making it to 50 post!