Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Did I mention that I'm going to Tortola for 10 days?

Yep. It's our wedding anniversary so we're takin' a little trip to the British Virgin Islands. I've never sailed before, soooo, this should be interesting to say the least. (I've already been told that I can't wear my cowboy boots because it scuffs up the boat. Rats!)

We'll also be renewing our vows on the 27th (on the 27th! isn't that good luck or something?). Every couple of anniversaries we run off and get re-married. On our 10th, we 'eloped' and got stuck in a hotel basement because of a tornado.

On our 25th, we didn't do anything (we were preparing for Rachael's wedding - ka-ching!). So I surprised him with a tatoo on my ankle. It simply says "Jay". He was not amused. You just have to understand "Mr. Conservative". I'm the crazy one in the family. Actually, I prefer the word 'spontaneous.' It's much more romantic than 'crazy', don't you think?

Anyway, I'm packin' my white shorts, white t-shirt and the veil I wore 27 years ago. Now that I'm no longer the 'blushing' bride, when the preacher, or the 'captain' in this case says I can kiss the groom - I promise you I'll make his knees go weak!

So, everyone have a Happy Turkey Day and I'll chit chat when I get back.



Gracie Beth said...

Lucky Lady! I am very jealous. Although, I am going home and am going to get to do some magnificent shopping.

Lisa Ann said...

Congrats on your anniversary. We had our 20th in August. Have a wonderful time.

Ruthann said...

Hey Kathie, your trip sounds so romantic! Have a wonderful time being a bride a again, you adorable thing you! I just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I am headed for the airport in about 10 minutes for Cali, to be with family for the big turkey dinner! God bless! Hugs!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...