Monday, December 15, 2008

Tortola trip, Part II

Meet the captain (and our good friend, Brian.) He's been sailing and taking this trip for a long time so we were thrilled when he invited us along.

This is the view as we're leaving the marina and heading out to our first stop. Not having any idea what to expect, Brian explained that we'd be island hopping for the next 7 days. We'd go to shore at night for dinner and sleep on the boat. (Yay!)

Dinner at Norman Island the very first night. My honey is all the way down at the end on the left.These children were affectionately known as the "Genesis" kids. "Genesis" was the name of their boat and we caught up with them each night at every place we docked. They were adorable. Here they are dancing and enjoying the music at Norman Island.

And here we are the next night at "Marina Cay." Speaking of "Marina Cay", it has the most romantic story. It's too long to get into here, but I'll give you a few details and then you can google the rest of the story. Before WW II, aspiring author Robb White and his wife Rodie purchased a desserted Marina Cay for $65. They worked for many months to get running water and to build their home without any assistance from anyone else. Imagine the adventures they must have had. The story was made into a move in 1960 starring Sidney Poitier and John Cassavetes. The book and movie were titled "Our Virgin Island". White also wrote another book about their experience titled "Two on the Isle." Alas as life unfolds, the story doesn't necessarily have a happily-ever-after. No, he doesn't die at war. It's more complicated than that. But that's all I'm sayin'! You'll have to find out for yourself!
See that seat right there? That was mine the whole trip. I sat up there by myself every day and admired the most beautiful turquoise water I have ever seen in my life. Trust me, I got a loooot of thinkin' and problem-solvin' done on this trip. I almost can't wait (almost) to get back so I can make some much needed changes in my life.

We are coming up on Anegada Island. It took us almost all day to sail there. There are only 250 people that live there. Vegetation is almost non-existent. It's a desert. Very interesting and very pretty in it's own right. The Atlantic Ocean is on the other side of the island. It's not near as 'friendly' as the Carribean. On this side of Anegada, the waves beat angrily on the beach.

I think if you observe very closely and listen very carefully, beaches have a way of communicating with us. Some of them say, 'Here. Sit a spell. Don't do a thing. Just bask in my beauty. Dip your toe or come on in for a full swim." Others seem to say, "I'll provide answers to all life's problems. Just stay a here a while and clear your mind. I'll send a gentle wave to wash over your feet and keep you cool." The waves on the 'other' side of this island were very big and powerful as it slammed against the sand. The water, very intimidating seemed to convey the message, " Don't come in. Just go away and leave me alone." Okay, now you think I'm wierd, don't cha? (Just call me the 'water-whisperer.)

The next morning we traveled to Virgin Gorda. This island was completely different. While the others were all quaint and charming, VG was very glamorous. Here's the pool we lounged by all day. (No, the pool didn't 'talk' to me. I only communicate with big bodies of water, if you must know.)

We took a walk and stopped to sit in a gazebo - just for a short rest. Honestly. It was only going to be for a few minutes......
Well the next thing I knew it was about an hour later, so I grabbed my camera and took a picture of what the scenery looked like from my chaise lounge. Aaahh, I never wanted to leave that spot. Even now as I close my eyes if I try really, really hard I can hear the birds and the water splashing around us...

No matter where we go, animals (especially dogs) always find him. It's like he communicates with them telepathically and they know he loves them. Seriously. Stray dogs have been known to come up to him and not move until he pays attention to them. I'm going to start callin' him 'Doo', as in Dr. Doolittle.

After I snapped this picture I climbed into the hammock with him and took a nap in his arms.

Little Jost Van Dyke on the right and Jost Van Dyke on the left.

I didn't take any pictures of our 'wedding' with our camera. When our friend Julie sends them to us I'll post them!

I hope all is going well for everyone and you're enjoying the Christmas season!


Kelly said...

Just remarkable, you are such a brave and courageous woman for traveling by boat, I envy you! Looks like such a romantic get away!


Kathie Truitt said...


I wasn't afraid nor did I get sick UNTIL we took the day trip to Anegada. I thought I was going to lose it a couple of times, but sitting at the very front of the boat over the water helped a lot.
Thanks for stopping by!

aggielauren05 said...

Miss Kathie! I love reading your blog...hope you guys are doing well. Looks like you enjoyed the much needed and well-deserved vacation! Merry Christmas!