Sunday, December 14, 2008

What a trip!!!

Question. Is it just me or was this the election year from Hades? I was soooo ready to leave the Washington area for a while. Elections are rough on everyone but when you know so many of the people that are up for election or re-election and you know the people who work on the campaigns, it can be really hard to listen to negative comments. It's very hard, at least for me, to not take it personally. So of course I was ecstatic about the timing of this trip. No news, no politics, no politicians....until I get on the plane at Dulles and who is sitting behind us? I mean right behind us? This man....

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

He recognized Honey and they started talking. He asked me if our trip was a special occasion. I smile as I glibly reply, "I'm trying to get away from Washington for a while, sir, but it just keeps following me." Ignoring the glaring look from Honey, I plopped down in the seat, grabbed the Washington Post and snapped it open. And who is on the front page? Um-hm. Yep.

It's him again, with Mrs. Pelosi. Hello?!? I want a break from all of this for just a few days. Is that too much to ask? With my luck, I thought, he's probably on the plane because he's meeting the rest of them in Tortola for some kind of 'retreat.' Maybe Mrs. P was going to be sitting in that empty seat beside him. Anyway, the other passengers started figuring out who he was and then everyone wanted to chat with him and give their opinion on the state of the country's affairs . Nope! Not this girl. I'm on vacation, thank you very much. I turn to tune everyone out and I start conversing with gentleman beside me. It took me about 5 minutes to realize the true hero on the plane was sitting beside us!

We were so engrossed in conversation that we forgot to ask his name!!! But here's what I know.... He's an Iraqi War veteran (Army) He had been to meetings at the Pentagon and was returning to Puerto Rico where he was stationed. It was just so interesting to listen to him. He has a deep passion for what he does and an immense passion and love for the United States. He truly loves being a soldier. He loves serving his country. So much so that when I asked him if he enjoyed being stationed in San Juan he said that this particular assignment was 'just a job' and that while most places he'd served he had felt a loyalty, he didn't feel that loyalty to Puerto Rico. Since Puerto Rico is US territory and the residents are US citizens I was a little confused. Inquiring minds want to know so I asked him why he felt that way. Apparently, the citizens want all the bells and whistles of US citizenship but, and I quote "they insist on flying the Puerto Rican flag over the American flag so they can kiss my a**." (Couldn't have said it better myself, soldier.) I love being an American myself, so when I see someone in service uniform or I know someone has made it their life's mission to serve us and protect us I almost become a blubbering fool. So I usually don't say anything at all. I want him to know how much we appreciate him and we are so incredibly blessed to have this man and others like him who take care of us. Thank you so much for all that you do!!! It was truly an honor to be seated next to you.

It was still dark when we left the house that morning and I forgot my shades. The airport in San Juan was so sunshiny and bright that my poor eyes wouldn't stay open. So, after leading me around the airport like a seeing eye dog, Honey bought me these nice pair of tortoise shell sunglasses. Aaahh, now I can see where I'm going.

The Jolly Roger Hotel - Tortola, British Virgin Islands

We stayed at the Jolly Roger in Tortola (West End). I definitely recommend it.

Please, allow me to introduce you to my alarm clock! He started his workday about 4 a.m.

It was dark when we rolled in, so imagine my delight and excitement when I stepped out of my room the next morning to this!!!


Kima made sure we were 'fed and watered' every morning! What a sweetheart! Meeting her was definitely a highlight of the trip. We had a whole day to see the island before we set sail the next morning, so she gave us a map and told us where all the best sight-seeing was. And most of all .....

where the best beach was. This was a perfect time to go! We had the whole place to ourself.
Tourists don't usually start showing up until a week or two after Thanksgiving.

We walked over to Soper's Hole and did a little shopping where we met Keith who has an awesome shop.

Keith is originally from South Africa. He and his brother own Blue Water Diver, Ltd. (

Keith has everything under the sun (and yes I brought some of those things back with me), but these bags were just a few of my favorite.

I mentioned to my new friend, Keith, that I thought I could be very happy living in Tortola. Everything moves at such a sloowww pace, the people are so friendly, the weather so beautiful... and ohmygosh! get this - NO TRAFFIC!!!! YES!!! He invited us to walk around and see the rest of Soper's Hole which we did. I thought the house above was as cute as it could be. I can see me living here. Can't you?

Okay, I'll admit I had absolutely no clue who this guy was. I just wanted to prove a point. Look at his shirt! A man after my own heart. Us country folk are everywhere!

Whew! All that shoppin', makin' new friends and frolickin' in the beach makes a girl thirsty. This young man made sure I was never without my drink of choice...

which is always Diet Coke. Straight up. On the rocks. (Sorry I'm not more exciting.)

Jay and Kathie Truitt

Our first day was fun. Tomorrow we meet up with our friends and set sail. Right now, though, I'm lovin' this man for bringing me to this beautiful place! Aren't we just the best couple?

My next post will be sailing pictures. What a life-changing trip!! More on that later.


Kelly said...

You have the sweetest blog ever!!! Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting! I too am a *city farm girl* is what I call it haha! We live in Chicago but I so want to live in the country!!!!! My Husband is a firefighter here and also a part time police officer for a suburb, so we are unable to move til he retires. Oh and I adore Sally and Violet, what cuties!!! I look forward to visiting again!


Gracie Beth said...

What a lovely trip! I think I would have kicked Harry Reid in the shin and told him that because of his policies my cousins that are military officers are worried about their job security. Also, thanks for the lovely comments!

Richard said...

It looks like you had a great trip, and I hope you bought a bunch of neat things that you will show us. You are a sweetheart of a lady, and I appreciate your very nice comments on my blog. Keep up the good work with your site, and have a Merry Christmas.