Sunday, February 22, 2009

An Apology, please!

I hate politics.

Y'all know that, already, though, don't you?


Now that an arrest is imminent in the Chandra Levy case, when is the media going to apologize to Gary Condit for 'convicting' him of the crime, along with ruining his life and career?

Just curious!


Gracie Beth said...

I think they owe him an apology as well because his career was pretty much killed by the fact that the media decided that he killed chandra.

Jane said...

I am not familiar with the details but politics seems modelled on my 11-year-old daughter's school power strategy.

ADG said...

I HATE it when the U.S. Justice Department names someone a "person of interest" without indicting them and thus ruins their lives or at least damages it significantly.

Condit sued a couple of tabloids for sensationalizing his role/relationship with Levy and was thus compensated. The cash settlement from the over zealous tabloids was indeed justified.

However, Condit has nobody to blame but himself for the demise of his career. These are the facts:

1. Condit was an admitted adulterer. I live in DC...I know how narcisistic and sociopathic these politicians ultimatley become. He preyed on the star-struck vulnerability of a young staffer. As the father of a daughter, I find him repugnant.

2. He was deliberately evasive and less than expedient in fessing up the true nature of his relationship with Levy. This is a proven fact. So, in the early stages of the investigation, was Condit more concerned with protecting his hide or with the resolution of a missing persons case? As a result, precious time was wasted with him that could have been spent focusing on other aspects of the case. HE is guilty of that time wasting equivocation...just to try to cover his rear end. you honestly think that Levy was the first young lady that he squired outside of his marriage?

3. So, Condit "convicted" himself in my humble opinion. Had he kept his trousers on, not cheated on his wife and been a bit more expedient in fessing up his relationship with Levy, he might could've salvaged his career.

Anonymous said...

Can't really disagree with any of the comments already made and yes Condit made huge mistakes to protect his illicit affair rather than helping to find a missing woman (of which he couldn't have provided any help since he didn't know anything about it) but the is the political process better off without Gary than with him.....a deep question.

Was he a good or even above average member of the Blue Dog Coalition who would have been chairman (likely) of the House Ag Committee during the last Farm Bill based on seniority.....or are we all better off with him managing a Starbucks with his wife in can't have enough good Starbucks managers you know...

Kathie Truitt said...

ADG (Dustin), I agree with you wholeheartedly on ALL points. He was so busy not talking about what he was guilty of, that he didn't much care about anything else.

I especially hated the interview with Dominick Dunn - I think the court dismissed that case, but as you said, he and his wife were compensated for the other stories. I also believe that he had problems caused of his own accord after this blew over.

Remember Richard Jewell - the guy the FBI and media both were sure he was guilty of the Atlanta Olympic bombings? That man's career was also ruined. It's just sad the way the media is.

I was a part of it once. I quit the news part and stuck with the entertainment section of broadcast - I found it much easier to sleep at night.

In five years when my 14 year old graduates - I am OUT OF HERE!! I'll stay in Virginia, but I will be out in the country, past Fauquier County with the good ole' country people! You're welcome to join us when you need a respite from DC.

We'll have a pony just the right size for you little LG!! (did i get the initials right?)


Valerie said...

Hi Kathie. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments! After lurking around your blog, I did discover that you are orignally a midwesterner (or maybe a southerner depending upon your point of view, LOL). As far as politics go, yuck! Upon graduation from MU (with a degree in Political Science) I went to work for one of Missouri's esteemed U.S. Senators. While I had the time of my life rubbing elbows with the rich and be photographed with some fabulously famous folks (at age 21), I really couldn't stomach the nastiness and went back to school to get a teaching certificate! (Although I'm not quite sure that education is any less political then working for elected official!) I spent a week in D.C. and while I absolutely loved the excitement of it all, I do appreciate the slower pace here in the heartland! Take care, Valerie

Mollie said...

Hi! Yes, Bingham's and My Sister's Circus are still downtown. I have never been to either of those, sadly! :( But you are right, as a girl from a prominently conservative area, Columbia IS a yankee town! Haha :)

ADG said...

Kathie...We'll come see you in Fauquier...I've got a good buddy in Louisa...he went to UVA...had a job with me inside the Beltway and then burned out. Moved back home, bought a bunch of land...owns a radio station out there...built a nice cabin home...he and his little girl go to the hen house out back for fresh eggs in the morning....bliss.


The Vintage Housewife... said...

miss sweet hillbilly debutante...thank you so very much for your sweet heart and kind prayers...i am blessed my for the picture of you and your sassy hair...girl i love it...adorable...blessings cat

Karen said...

Ain't gonna happen, Kathie...