Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hair today is gone tomorrow!

Hubby and I have been famous at one time or another for several things, but hair, unfortunately, is not one of them. We both have very baby-fine, flat dead hair, which isn't so bad for Honey, because men, for the most part don't care one way or another.

As for me? I should own stock in Redken or White Rain. Shoot, it's just easier to keep my hair short, although I did promise myself that this year, I wouldn't cut it til July just to see if I could have long hair, if I really really tried. Hmm. Stay tuned.

On the other hand, our youngest offspring, has hair 'to die for.' It's nice, thick and just a bit coarse. He loves to wear it long so when he plays sports it 'blows in the wind'. He has such great hair that while it blows back with every movement as soon as he stops it comes to a complete halt and goes back into place perfectly.

At 14 he's pretty picky, so he's careful to instruct Taj, our family stylist, as soon as he sits down in the chair to 'just trim it a little.' So, imagine my shock when I am having a conversation with the boy, my back turned cooking dinner and I turn to make eye contact with him THIS is what I see!!

Look Mom! No hair!
He and a friend decided to get their heads shaved in honor of someone they know that has cancer.

This is my heart bursting with pride!


Gracie Beth said...

I have baby fine hair too!!! I cannot get it to do anything.

Lisa Ann said...

I was cursed with thin flat hair. Your soon is a cutie and sweet to cut his hair to support someone. You always look beautiful in your pics. I would never have guessed that you had thin fine hair.

poloist12 said...

He looks like you.

My wife also has fine hair. I myself don't have this problem. As an Afro-American, I have hair that is just right.

ADG said...

Hair or not....all of you are lovely and are have and love each other!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Our kids can really surprise us sometimes, can't they. IN GOOD WAYS!!

Jo said...

I just stumbled up your blog and had to giggle about the "hair." I can't tell you how many times this has been a focal discussion in our home. My son was born with thick white hair, over the years it has turned into naturally highlighted shades of blond. It's still thick and shiny ~ not only am I jealous, but I pay big bucks to acheive his natural hair color. Because of it's thickness and his love of summer sports, he cuts it very short or shaves it ~ this breaks my heart :)

You should be so proud of your son's support to his friend ~ you've obviously raises a caring young man.

Coffee with Cathy said...

Kathie -- Those are lovely, lovely pictures of you and your guys. And I think your hair is perfect! Thanks for sharing.

~Crystal~ said...

Well, that made me proud of him too & I don't even know him. :) So sweet.
I love your hair in the pic with him. Fabulous! I do not have the guts to cut mine that short. I will be one of those old ladies with long gray hair someday.

Kristina said... must be so proud! What a cool guy!

AND I loved your Starbucks quote!

Valerie said...

I totally get the hair thing...good luck with growing it out! I too have fine blonde hair; I HATE the fact that when I cut it short it looks great. I have wanted long hair just once in my life! Unfortunately, my dear daughter inherited mommy's fine blonde locks. In fact, I just made a recent post about her hair and all of my "issues" (LOL) with it! P.S. Your hair does look lovely short!

Summer said...

ur such a lovely mom and kid such a beautiful ones and with a kind heart. :)

i hope u could add FOLLOW ME link in your blog so I can follow you. that would be easier.

i love your blog. :) i am proud of mom's who loves their children so much. =D u have a great weekend!