Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm still losing weight. As a result, I'm beginning to wear things I couldn't wear last summer. For instance this dress that I bought at Brooks Brothers a few years ago...

with these these shoes..


Uh, sidenote: If my husband ever asks, I found these at 'Target'. ((wink)). Just a joke, of course. I don't promote lying. (I know you know that, but Mama will be here in a few days and I don't want to hear her lecture...)

Anyway, I slipped into my sneakers to go for a brisk walk at lunch. I walk a block and I slightly tripped - not a bad trip, mind you. I looked around and no one even noticed. Good. That could have been really embarrasing.

I walk another block and I trip and come THISCLOSE to falling - I got so close to the ground that I was able to catch myself before I hit the pavement.

By this time the above dress had ridden up my thighs, and I am sure the Washington DC tourists walking behind me caught a glimpse of my non-designer granny panties.

Trust me - my butt is NOT a National Treasure.

I wish I could tell you that the reason I tripped was because the sidewalks looked like this....

But no, it pretty much looks like this:

As smooth as a baby's behind. So, no excuse. I'm just clumsy. Or just a reminder from God. Keep going, you'll understand in a minute.

I picked myself back up, smoothed my dress, paused, and did a curtsey. I've learned to recover well from mis-haps in my life. I've had lots of practice. I started early. At 14 to be exact.

I was a baton twirler in high school.

Oh, my goodness I just thought I was the cutest thing there ever was in that sparkly little red number I wore. (Isn't pride one of the 7 deadliest sins - or would this fall under vanity?)

So, it's the half time show - the band starts to play - I start to strut and twirl- and plop! I fall flat on my behind. Did I mention that it had rained all day and the field was muddy?

That brought me down a few notches! Of course, the fans of the opposing team thought it was hilarious. Heck - even the fans of the HOME team thought it was funny. I have hundreds of people on both sides of the football field laughing at me as I sat stunned, black as night from all the fresh mud.

I performed the rest of the routine with black, mascara-stained tears streaming down my face.

I look back on that night and absolutely cringe. No, not because I fell. But because I cried.

If that happened now - shucks, who am I kidding - It still happens - but if I could go back and do that night over again, I'd stand up, curtsey to both sides of the stadium and laugh right along with 'em.

That day I learned a very, very valuable lesson in life. I didn't know it, but Mama's prayer for me was that regardless of what happened in my life - good or bad - that I'd always keep my focus on Jesus, and never become so overly-confident in my successes that I thought I was too good for others.

This afternoon when I brushed myself off and finished my curtsey, I knew that God was still answering the prayer of a young mother from 40 something odd years ago.

For regardless of how many books I sell, how many speaking engagements I have, how many wonderful, glorious things may be in my future, I know all too well that the foot, er...hand of God is always there ready to keep me in my proper place.


Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

LOVED your story! What a great lesson in this for all of us. And I am the QUEEN of CLUMSY. (Someone has to be!) I could tell a big story about all my falls...maybe I will sometime! You might enjoy it!

Enjoy your mama time!

~Crystal~ said...

Loved that your Mom prayed that over you. Sweet.
And those shoes....Hubba Hubba! I miss wearing heels. My back does not allow it now. :(

FarmHouse Style said...

What a wonderful story and such a wise and caring prayer your Mother offered for you.

Congratulations on the weight loss:-)

BTW everytime I see shoes from Prada I think of Carrie from Sex in the City. No one who knows me can believe how much I loved that silly show. It is so out of my character... but I thought it was brilliant!!

Hope you are having a great weekend.


Coffee with Cathy said...

Congratulations on feeling confident enough to wear such slinky and sexy clothes again! I'll bet you walk perfectly fine in the Pradas!

ADG said...

Jesus and your Baton. When LFG wakes up this morning, I'm gonna tell her your story. It's a funny one but there's also a couple of powerful lessons for a little 8 year old gal therein.

xoxo~ Meg said...

I loved this post! Congrats on the weight loss. woot!

And the Prada....ooooooooooooo, you speak Prada? I KNEW I liked you!

You are welcome at any house I end up wtih, Texas, Cabo...Florida...?

Hugs to you and your mamma!

juls4real said...

Thanks you. You put the perspective where it needs to be. You always make me smile..