Monday, March 30, 2009

The "Lust" List...

Aahh, spring in the Nation's Capital.

The sun is shining, the temperatures are pleasant, and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Which can only mean one thing.... It's time for Kathie's Spring 'Lust List'...

Lilly Pulitzer 2009
This year I want everything bright, feminine and cheery! So, Lilly Pulitzer, for me, are must-haves. Her designs embody everything that is happy and colorful. I have a few pieces already, but one can never have too much pink and green.

My 'Lilly' store in Old Town Alexandria just closed it's doors ((boo-hoo!!)) - darn this economy!! No more sneaking big pink bags through the back door, so honey won't see. Now, I'll have to order on line and have them delivered to my office (not good because we ride to work together).

Let's not forget J. Crew - they never disappoint when it comes to preppy, bright and most of all comfortable attire.

If you're like me you probably have several nice white button down shirts, or maybe a nice tee. Just pair it with this little skirt with some sandals for a day of shopping, or if you want to dress it up a bit for those hot summer nights, just slip on a pair of strappy sandals, and a piece of funky jewelry - maybe some wooden bangles.

Speaking of jewelry - which I think you all know this girl well enough now to know it's one of my favorite things, especially unique signature pieces, such as this bracelet below...

and the big chunky necklace like the one above dresses up even the simplest tee-shirt.

Shoes are very important on the Lust List....

Stephen Bonnano

J. Crew

Sandals, preppy flip-flops, sneakers (for bike riding and walking),

and belts!!

I love ribbon belts!! They go great with jeans, shorts and skirts and they come in every color of the rainbow.

So, there you have it. My complete lust list.

What's on yours?


Gracie Beth said...

I LOVE my Bonanno's! I wore them last night to talk to fraternities because I had blisters they are wonderful!

LPC said...

I confess to having switched to Haviana flipflops. Do I have to go to court-ordered rehab now? BTW, love the oxymoron of Hillbilly Debutante....

Fred said...

I'm a polo, crew & brooks brothers man, myself. I just purchased a great peach & pewter linen shirts, linen shorts of various colours & some great mandals for Hawaii.

Lydia doesn't know this but I'm going to show up at the beach is cut-off double knit slacks,flowered shirt, black socks, sandals, fanny pack, camo hat, NASCAR glasses & white zinc'd up nose!!!! SHE'S EITHER GONNA LAUGH OR HATE ME. WANNA BET WHICH ONE?

Kate said...

I am so excited for spring here! Time to bring out the shorts and all things nautical ;)

Sharon said...

My lust list is relatively short. This is how I like to dress:

- in natural fabrics as much as possible
- a little bit romantic
- a little bit Celtic
- a little bit gypsy
- always in my most becoming colors
- with a little vinaigrette for even the most staid outfit

And here's what I'm wanting for summer:

- a pouchy bag hanging from a round bone handle and just dripping with dangly oval mother of pearl shells.

- tissue linen jackets, not blazers and not too long, in multiples--at LEAST in white and cream!

- strappy bone dress sandals with a gracefully shaped heel under 2#

- a really polite straw sun hat, for dressed-up

That's all, folks.

At least, until the next whim strikes me....

Summer said...

Love that bracelet..;D
Great post as always my friend.Keep it up.;D Have a great day.

Kristina said...

I love the flip flops...I'm trying not to buy clothes this spring :-( For one thing, my husband has been laid off for 7 months and I just can't afford it...AND I'm in the weight loss process, so I figure I might as well wait. I still look through my catalogs and dream though!

Solo said...

Oh love those belts.They are so gorgeous..;D
Great post.

Summer said...

thanks for visiting my blog hill:)

its just. the best swimwear will depend on the kind of curvature you have. not to demean though. But I guess the beautiful people are those with a beautiful and compassionate heart. Beauty radiates from within. :D all those outwears will just add to what you already have. :)

OMG! these items are so cool! thanks for sharing :) i love the bracelet! :D i wonder how to make such bracelets, too and start my own fashion accessory company :)

Coffee with Cathy said...

I want your list! Great picks. We are so on the same page, which means we can't be shoppping buddies because we'd fight over the same things.

Belle of the Ball said...

Love your fabulous blog! It's so fun and fresh! Thanks for the sweet comment! Have a wonderful day!

Kathie's Honey said...

#1 If I say you, will everyone know this post is from your husband?
#2 If I say you are my only item on my list can I still get a new fishing boat this year?