Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some of your questions answered...

Last week with the help of my friend Jonathan Vidaurre (thank you Jon-Boy!), I added a counter to my blog. Since then I've had over 1,000 hits! (Yea!!)

I just want to take the time to thank all of you for visiting me and a special thanks to those of you who take the time to leave comments.

I know that in the looks department "Hillbilly Debutante" leaves a lot to be desired.

Especially compared to all of you. Oh, my goodness, these blogs I visit are just incredible. So beautiful.

A blog makeover for "Hillbilly Debutante" is the in the near future. (I have some ideas but just finding someone to help me implement those ideas is another thing.)

I've also had a few of you asking if I'll take anymore "Dixie Road Trips".

***Explanation to new readers**** "Dixie" is my vintage suburban. I use to take weekly road trips with her and report back on our adventures. "Dixie" and her travels became so popular that I soon found more invitations than I knew what to do with.***

"Dixie" needs some work before I can take her out. It's a matter of Honey finding the time to tune her up.
So, yes, "Dixie" will once again be a main fixture around here soon. She'll be happy to know that you asked about her (hee! hee!)

The book. Ahh, yes, The Book. I'll be able to give you more information about it pretty soon. As soon as I get the 'go-ahead' I'll start promoting hot and heavy here on "Hillbilly Debutante" and I'll even be able to give you a more in-depth synopsis of exactly what it's about. So, in about a week or two I'll be able to go into more detail.

I am now on "Facebook". I'm already friends with some of my readers and would love to hear from more of you ...
My family laughs at me because I swore I'd NEVER go on Facebook! Hmm..

I also swore I'd never have a tatoo either, but...never mind, that's for another story!


Gracie Beth said...

I can code your blog for you once the semester is over!

Valerie said...

Hey there, enjoyed your post! I had to laugh at the Facebook comment.

My girlfriend, visiting from St. Louis in January, convinced me after several glassed of liquid courage to set up a profile on Facebook. Ironically, I find that there are more 40+ users then one would think!

Can't wait to hear more about this "book" deal!

Blessings to you from Kansas,

ADG said...


I need to figure out how to do the counter thing. Do tell. And tell us the tattoo story!


Amanda said...

Girlfriend...you and Dixie are welcome here in the Texas Hill Country anytime!

Summer said...

Great!And you are very welcome..;D
God bless you and have a nice day.

Trailer Trash said...

Just stopped bye to say hello!
Love the blog name!

xoxoxo- trailer trash

poloist12 said...


I kow off topic, but yes I got your reply, and no I did not post it.

Also, I am not a member, but I do believe that I would be interested in check it out. I will look them up online, and get in contact with your contact, thank you.