Friday, August 14, 2009

The last Dixie Road Trip -

ever! ((sigh))

We are movin' into our new house in 2 weeks and we really don't have the space for her. It really breaks my heart. You all know how much I have loved her. Good Grief!! I gave up a beautiful, paid-for Mercedes to drive Dixie exclusively. I mean, who does that?

(The same woman who wears diamonds, too-thick beauty queen makeup. ripped jeans and Wellington boots, all at the same time, that's who! Yes, that would be me.)

me and Dixie in Summer 08

I was looking like a bleach blonde tramp, but Dixie was still lookin' good.

Never fear, my dear readers she is going to a good home. My good friend, Monika, will be startin' her own blog soon and I thought that she and ole' Dix would be a great match.

So, tomorrow mornin' at the crack of dawn, me, Mama and my Aunt Linda are gonna fire the ole' girl up one more time and let her do what she does best. Haul all the antiques and goodies we can find and bring 'em on home. Hopefully, I'll find something I like for the new digs.

I'll snap a few of our last trip and then when I turn over the keys to Monika and she opens up her new business I'll post a few pics of that, as well.

And speakin' of Monika - you'll really want to get to know her. She is one of the most talented ladies I have ever seen. Whether it's doll-making, sewing pillows, furniture covering or making purses, Monika is amazing.

Have a great weekend. I've gotta get some shut-eye, so I'll be full of energy and will be able to enjoy my last Dixie Road Trip. ((sniff, sniff)).


The Vintage Kitten said...

Oh what a shame, bye bye Dixie. I was upset when we had to let Margo our Mercedes go so I know how you feel!!!! X

La La La Leah said...

oh dear! If it makes you feel better I went out last night in a brown shirt, gray yoga, pants, flip flops and my Marc Jacob's hand bag..... My hair was also a mess but it happens.