Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Road Trip for ole Dix

Okay, maybe this was being just a little too dramatic...

but this weekends Dixie Road Trip was bittersweet....that's Mama and my Aunt Linda comforting my through my 'tears.'

Soon, Miss Dixie will be driven away to her new home..

I didn't really find too much for the new house, but I'll take pictures tonight of what we're starting on (painting, etc).

Washington is pretty empty in August which means two things.

1. The air quality is a lot better, (probably since all of those yahoo politicians have left for the month)

which means

2. Mr. T has a lot of time to paint

so tomorrow I'll post a few pictures of the new place.


trash talk said...

Happy trails to Miss Dixie. I bet it's a lot cooler too in D.C. without all that hot air blowing!

Solo said...

I think Miss Dixie will still be happy. ;D And have a happy painting day. ;D

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Summer is a Verb said...

Those pics are too funny. Shared with my sister who agreed...XXOO