Thursday, September 10, 2009

Whew! What a whirlwind! We finally got everything into the new house. I'll post pictures soon and when I do you'll see why I haven't written anything in a while!

First of all, I can't find anything! We've had to eat with plastic utensils and paper plates - which is a big no-no at my house - because I can't find silverware. Thought I was going to have to wear Mr. T's boxers and a sweatshirt one day.

However, I did take a short break to read "Social Climbers" by Beth Dunn. It was a fun, easy read. Very light hearted. I'd unpack a box then rush back to read another chapter.

I think it would make a really good movie. Kind of like "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and "Legally Blonde". (Go for it, Beth!)

Well, summer has come to an end. My Will has started high school, which was really a tear-jerking moment for me. How did this happen? He's only 3!

Yes, time flies. Today would have been Jayson's (our middle baby) 22nd birthday. Do you know that every year on this day I wake up at 12:30 a.m.(the exact time he was born)? Isn't that strange? I was so exhausted last night I knew that it wouldn't happen this year. I just knew I'd sleep right through. But when I heard Sally (the dog) whining to come inside, sure enough, the clock read '12:25.' I guess no matter how long it's been, he'll make sure Mama never forgets him. As if.
On a happier note, my beloved Dixie (my vintage suburban) went to her new home on Tuesday. My goodness, you'd have thought she was a shiny new Beamer or Benz the way that sweet lady went on and on about her. That warmed my heart. As they drove off, Mr. T asked, "Are you okay?" After all, Ol' Dix had really gotten me through some tough times in my life.
It was a beautiful, bright full moon, and the road glistened from the dampness resulting from an earlier evening shower. She looked beautiful as she drove away out of sight.
"How can I not be 'okay'," I replied. "She is going somewhere where she will truly be loved and appreciated."
The new owner is 52 years old and it's the first vehicle she's ever had in her life. She says the whole demeanor in her home has changed now that they have a car. Seriously, how can I not be okay with that?


Gracie Beth said...

I will keep you, your family, and Jayson in my thoughts today! I also loved the picture you emailed me of the grandbaby! Love, GB

The Vintage Kitten said...

Looking forward to seeing your new house. Im glad Dixie went to a good owner X

Beth Dunn said...

I'm so happy you enjoyed! xoxo