Monday, November 30, 2009

I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as ours.

View from the head of the table into the formal living room.
(The turkey is going to be the centerpiece)

For me, the best part of entertaining and the holidays is the preparation. The anticipation. Making your guests feel special. I love it!!

I like to do a dress rehearsal for the table/centerpiece/place settings the night before. I'll play with it, arrange and re-arrange until I get it just perfect. When I think it looks fabulous, I'll leave it, thinking that's one less thing I have to fuss about. But no, I'll walk past it another half dozen times and 'tweak it', or add more baubles or bling. Never fails. When I walk away and come back, it doesn't matter how 'perfect' I thought it was 20 minutes ago, I always find something else to add. Or take away. Or re-arrange.

*Notice the door behind me? Well, the best part about my house is that the kitchen can be closed off.*

This is the view when you walk in my front door. My guests can smell the heavenly scents coming from the kitchen but they don't have to see the hellacious mess I sometimes create. However, this year I really didn't have to worry about that because Thanksgiving was catered by none other than Mama herself, which gave me extra time to cuddle the grandbaby ( her first Thanksgiving).

See? No distraction from kitchen activity when guests first walk in.

After dinner we 'retired' to the family room and had a family photo taken in between half time of the Dallas Cowboys game! (Go 'boys!)

Here is the star of the show, Sophia, in her Thanksgiving outfit.

Sophia and her sister 'Drexie'. This little dog is absolutely in love with 'her baby.' This shot is special because it was taken when Sophia looked at Drexie and for the first time really saw her and seemed to understand, "Wait a minute. This is a puppy and it's mine."

I am so thankful for all of my many wonderful friends and family. I am grateful to God for my health, my family's health and all the beautiful blessings in my life.


Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Hi Kathie! Everything looks wonderful and I loved getting a peek at your new farmhouse, it looks wonderful!!!!!! How nice that everyone was able to come to your farmhouse for Thanksgiving and what a year you've had, right?! WOW! Little Sophia IS the star, what a cutie patootie!

Beth Dunn said...

What a beautiful table you set! We had a great thanksgiving too. xoxo


ADG said...

It seems that LFG and I didn't get the invite. I'm sure it was just an oversight!

Beth Dunn said...

Your words mean more to me than you will ever know! Thank you. xoxo