Friday, January 29, 2010

So, the day didn't start off too well. I had to be up at 5:00 am this morning. Ouch! Then somehow the hairspray 'sprayer' was clogged and instead of spraying my bangs it went straight into my eye. Straight in the eyeball. Really ouch.

But, if you're looking for the best hairspray on the market to keep your 'do looking fab all day long, then this is the brand you need. I'm famous for my spiky locks and this has held my hair in place during gale force winds. Isn't it funny that I want my hair to look like it's been windblown, but yet I use cement glue to keep it from actually being windblown. Oh, well.

Oh. My. Goodness. Run, do not walk to your nearest bookstore, or log on as quickly as possible to and buy "Standing in the Rainbow." It's written by Fannie Flagg, of "Fried Green Tomatoes" fame, and television's "Dick van Dyke Show" and other shows back in the 60's/70's.

It comes with several different covers, so don't be confused.

The above is what my copy looks like.

But this is a cute version as well.

As is this one.

This book is 500 pages long and it only took me a day and a half to read. No skimming paragraphs, no speed reading. I soaked up every single solitary syllable. I didn't want it to end. Ever.

You will laugh out loud and everyone around you will look at you like you've plum lost your mind. But if it this book doesn't just warm your heart then you probably didn't cry at the end of "Ol' Yeller" either and we'll probably have to completely re-think our friendship. (Somehow, I've just never been able to trust anyone that didn't cry at poor 'Ol Yeller''s demise)

Everything has been pretty quiet at the "Truitt Ranch" which is exactly the way we like it. Here's hoping everyone has a great weekend.

What will I be doing? Well, tonight my daughter and son-in-law will be going to the 'Caps' hockey game. Wait. 'Caps' is the name of the hockey team, isn't it? Has to be. Redskins is the Football team, Nationals is the Baseball team...and Wizards is the Basketball team, so yep. That's right. They're going to see the 'Caps' tonight. Which means, somebody has to watch Sophia. And I am that somebody. Woo-hoo!

"Please, suh...may I have some more?"

Voted "Mostly Likely to Wear a Silly Hat"

So, while maybe the day didn't start off too well, it looks like it's going to end just right.

And I'll have plenty of time for that runaway hairspray to work it's way out of my eyes because trust me, watching Sophia means 'no sleep'. At all. Not even a little. This kid is a chip of the old block. Her mother never needed a wink of sleep, and neither did her Uncle Will (pictured above).

Watch the weather channel tonight and if you're gonna be snowed in then high-tail it to your nearest bookstore and buy my suggested read. Then let me know what you think!

Love ya!!



gCe said...

The baby is adorable!

~Crystal~ said...

I'm reading Gone with the Wind at the moment, but I will give that one a try soon!

Oh & my great grandmother (I believe it was) lived next door to Fannie Flagg when FF was growing up. Cool, huh? And the Whistle Stop Cafe is about 20 minutes from me.

Beth Dunn said...

Love the name of that hairspray-hope your eye is ok. We've all been there. Cute baby! xoxo


The Vintage Housewife... said...

thanks for the info on the book i am ready for a new read...thanks

Karen Karlsen said...

Kathie, just for you, just this one time, I'm gonna read something other than an image consulting textbook or wardrobe how-to. Thanks for the kick in the arse. I'm getting it tomorrow.

Vickie said...

My Grand-mother (Crystal's Great Grandmother) was best friends with Fannie Flagg's Mother. They lived in a housing project in B'ham back in the 50's.