Friday, January 15, 2010

Whew! Finished..My

My edits were not only done on time, but done a day early. That was stressful. There were times I even had heart palpitations but I did it.
Now my sweet editor, Jaime, bless her heart, does her 'thang' to make me look like a real writer.
Next, I believe is when the art department works on my book cover. I haven't a clue as to what that entails, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll let you know.
And another bit of juicy news? I got a note from the movie producer, who coincidentally is also named Jamie - I know, confusing, huh? - and the book is one step closer to 'the Movie'.
Here's how that works. My publicist talked to several producers. They all (4 different ones) asked to read the manuscript. Jamie was the first one to get back to me. She loved it. So, she pitched it to someone at, if you're one of my Facebook friends, you-know-where. She read it and liked and wants to do the movie. So now she will take it before the 'decision makers' that decide what movies will be made for that particular season. I am one step away from the movie.It's a waiting game to see if we make the cut. (Jamie, producer, not editor,) says that this process usually takes a long time. I can wait.
It's all overwhelming right now.
The book is happening and I have to prepare myself for that first. The movie may or may not happen. Of course, the movie is my ultimate goal. But if it doesn't? Hey, I think it's pretty cool to have someone think I've written a story that's compelling enough to even be considered.
Just a bit longer. Not yet. But when this book is released I will be able to tell you everything you want to know about those dark terrifying days that brought the book to fruition.
To those of you new to reading Hillbilly Debutante, that above line won't mean much. But to those of you who have followed me from the beginning, those of you who know about the woman that stalked not only me, but my little boy, and the terror that went with it, you have been patient for over 2 years. I know you are so ready to ask questions and know exactly what happened.
Some of you have e-mailed me privately about your own horror stories. Be patient a bit longer. I'll tell you everything. I promise I won't hold anything back. I'll even tell you things that didn't make the cut for the book.
And hey, I can't begin to tell you how much your support has meant to me for the past 2 years. Really.
Until next time,


English Cottage in Georgia said...

It is horrifying to know what you went through - so glad you will be able to tell your story.
I am soooo anxious to read about the weird, astonishing experience in your life (since I know there is a happy ending).

Lisa Ann said...

Way to go! I hope the movie works out!

Preppy 101 said...

Congratulations. xoxo

ADG said...

Will you remember the little people-like me and LFG-when you are famous?

The Vintage Kitten said...

Congratulations on the book! I find it hard enough to write a blog post so I am completely in awe of what you have achieved. And a movie??? WOW! Hope you will still want to know us when you are incredibly famous.......I might have to ask for an autograph LOL! X

Nezzy said...

Congratulations on your book. Maybe a movie? Great! I sure hope ya'll remember the little people when you put your hand-print by your star!

Have a greatly blessed day!!!

James said...

Best of luck ! I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour.

Karen Karlsen said...

I wanna be your facebook friend!