Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love story series....

In celebration of Valentine's Week I'd like to share with you a few of my favorite real-life love stories....

Rachael was never much of a dater. Oh, don't get me wrong. She has always had way more than her share of male attention. (She is not a chip off the old block - her mother was the Christmas Queen and still couldn't even get a date for the dance)

She is an exotic beauty (in this case she is a chip off the old block- her Daddy.) Guys have always followed her around like little puppy dogs. One time she was standing in line at the airport and out of nowhere this very handsome young man slipped her a note and his phone number. He thought he was being so smooth and cool, so the look on his face as he watched her crumple the paper and toss it in the trash, was priceless. (Mother taught her well - ladies don't call guys).

More than one young gentleman walked away with a broken heart. We always had the best looking men at our dinner table, or ringing our doorbell to pick her up for a date. We never saw any of them more than once. There was always something wrong. One had bad table manners. One drove too fast. The next one drove too slow. The hot fireman had hairy arms.

The cute cop was promising. He lasted for all of 3 dates. Apparently, Drexie, the dog didn't think he was good enough.


One night she tiptoes downstairs, almost shyly, and asks me how she looks. Hmm, that's unusual, I thought. She never asks that question. What is different about this night?

"You see, a group of us are going out and there's this guy." I'm listening.

"He's really cute" she explained. "And I really like him, but he won't pay any attention to me. He acts like I don't exist. He doesn't even talk to me."

Uh-oh. This guy does not stand a chance.

Later that evening, her father asks about her.

"She's having dinner with your future son-in-law." That got his attention.

"No, she isn't...." He looks at me like I am crazy.

"Trust me. This guy is the one." I am very confident.

"Why would you say that?" Mr. Smarty Pants wants to know.

"He doesn't pay attention to her."

Smarty Pants snaps the newspaper to the sports section, "Poor guy, probably won't even know what hit him."

"I know," I agree. "He thinks it's just another night out with friends. He has no clue his fate is being sealed."

March 1, 2008

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trash talk said...

I love a story with a happy ending!

English Cottage in Georgia said...

...what a wonderful love story:-)