Friday, February 5, 2010

Sweet Revenge.....

It's the Snowpocalypse here in Virginia this weekend. Literally. We're supposed to get 12"-36". All flights into Reagan National have been cancelled - incoming as well outgoing.

So, guess who's stuck in Phoenix (poolside). I'm glad Mr. T is safe and has a few days to enjoy himself someplace warm, but come on! Did he really have to go and brag about it?

Now I don't feel so bad about telling him I've fallen in love while he was away and 'his' name is Henry Hunt.

Henry specializes in the ever-elegant English country look. I wear a lot of clothes like these and would wear them 24/7 if my lifestyle allowed, but I think the boss might frown on the casualness of the half-chaps and wellingtons.

The website is:
Relax honey. So far nothing has happened between Henry and myself (read: I haven't spent any of your $$$$) - yet. Right now it's just lust but send more pictures like the one above and I might just have to cross that line.
Til next time
psst: Don't tell Mr. T, but Henry Hunt is actually the brain child of a young lady by the name of Phoebe, dedicated to preserving the look of the traditional English hunt country/sporting look. (wink!)


gCe said...

We had snowpocalypse last weekend! P.S. I love the traditional english look!

trash talk said...

While you will be digging out from under the snow...I'm busy building an ark!
Do I need to reserve two spaces for you and the elusive Mr. Hunt?
P.S. You know you're my muse, right?

Nezzy said...

We had nine inches last weekend and another 6-10 is predicted before it ends tomorrow here on the Ozarks Ponderosa. Anybody have a shovel??? Bulldozer? Heehehee!

I sure wish I was trapped somewhere sunny and warm. Can ya'll see me turnin' that putrid shade of jealously green?

Take care and have a greatly blessed day!!!