Monday, March 1, 2010

Here in the District of Columbia it's a pretty day. You never really know what you're going to get this time of year. Today on this first day of March we are very blessed. It's mostly sunny, a bit of wind and about 50 degrees.
Two years ago on this day, though, we were living it up in sunny Puerto Rico marrying off our oldest offspring (or is it eldest offspring? Darn, where is my editor when I need her.)

Mr. T and I at the wedding reception. Look at that sunset.

Here he is being a smarty pants. Although he loves his minutes-away-soon-to-be son-in-law it's still hard to give up your little girl. Especially when the soon-to-be-son-in-law is a Redskins fan. So to get even the he wears his Cowboys polo shirt. The minister had his back to the audience so we could see the faces of the couple as they said their nuptials. When Dino glanced over, Mr. T opened his shirt so he could show the groom 'who's boss.' The look on Dino's face when he saw that Cowboy star was priceless.

However, Mr. T's mood turned a little more somber when he danced with his little girl to the song "I Loved Her First" by Heartland.
March 1st, 2008 was just the beginning of something wonderful. We not only added a new son to the mix, but 16 months later we welcomed Sophia!!

And I am all about Sophia!

Until next time,



gCe said...

You look lovely!

James said...

A priceless story.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Oh, I love that pic of daddy and daughter dancing...I can't forget how the tears flowed when my Jamie danced with her daddy...

Such a sweet (and funny!) story and ya'll looked GREAT! (But can we have a peak at the bride's dress? You torture me!)

trash talk said...

Beautiful, just beautiful...all of you!
P.S. I'm behind on my commenting so I need to ask a quick question. Is Shania going to play you in the movie?