Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For my critics who say I shouldn't wear makeup...

Does this look like the face of a natural beauty?

I didn't think so.

A teensy bit better, maybe? I hope?

I have always envied those women that can just put on a swipe of lipgloss and touch a mascara and be 'out the door' ready. Sadly, I am not one of them. And of course, there's alway a few 'well-meaning' people that wonder aloud why I go through all this 'trouble' every morning.

Please understand I'm a Virginian and we southern women love our makeup. And jewelry. Pretty nail polish. Clothes with color - especially pink and green.

We don't mind, and really are too kind to say anything if our other 'sisters' don't wish to stand in front of the mirror every morning doing the makeup thing, but please don't try to deny us our rituals.

Besides, I think Mama said it best, "Any old barn looks better painted."

(Just so you know, the very top picture breaks every southern belle cardinal rule - bein' seen in public with no lipstick! Gasp!)

Until next time!



CZ said...

Make-up or no, you are still gorgeous!!!! :) Love ya! CZ

trash talk said...

You could get away with it...but why? If you can look good without why not be fabulous with, right? Being in Dallas, Texas I totally get it. No self respecting Texas girl goes to the grocery store sans makeup and big hair!

trash talk said...

P.S. It's safe to assume photo #1 is not the book jacket shot, right?

Lindsey said...

Love it!

Pink Julep said...

It takes a lot of guts to post a close-up with no make-up on! I don't think I could do it! You go girl! You look great either way!

English Cottage in Georgia said...

LOL!!! You are such a brave girl. Of course, make up is needed...esp., for those of us graced with wisedom due to life tenure.
I do not know the reason (wink, wink) but I do not look in the mirror as frequently as I did in my youth. When I do glance into the mirror, I am horrified that I put on the disappearing makeup.

Beth Dunn said...

You are hyster! Who told you not to wear make up? You look stunning xoxox

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I'll take you either way, Kathie! You're cute and I'm one of those who go out with lipstick, mascara and maybe a teensy bit of eyeliner. I can't do the makeup thing every day, but boy it sure looks great on you!

sherri said...

My precious Grandma always said, " Never leave the house without making your bed, you never know who might come home with you, and never leave the house without your 'rouge' never know who you might see". Well, I think she was right! But, I love the heart on the inside of the lady I see when I look at you as much as the sweet face on the outside!You look great, with or without your 'rouge'!!! Have a great day!

The Classic Preppy said...

Love it....I remember when I was little and my mother (Miss Betty) would take me to school....She'd throw on her "shift" (Lilly, which she could wear year round almost), put on some lipstick and her sunglasses. Ready to go! Lipstick and sunglasses....I am never without them!

ADG said...

You are such a beautiful person on the inside that it shines through in all the most meaningful and relevant ways...regardless of what the exterior manifests...makeup or not.


Ps...Now send me a dollar!

Vintage Sassy said...