Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hillbilly Road Trip Schedule

Oh, how I miss the days when I would fire up ol' Dixie (my beat-up, rusted-out vintage Chevy Suburban) and head out to the wild, blue yonder away from the bright lights, big city. But alas, if y'all remember Dixie went home with a family that needed her a lot more than I did. I hear she's very happy and is now carryin' her new family all up and down the East Coast.

I may be Dixie-less, after been forced into suburban hades, only to drive a modern-day set o' wheels (for the time being, anyway), but at least I did take a much needed, 'leave this ol' city behind' road trip last weekend. Mama tossed me the keys to her cute little apple red car and we drove as fast as the law would allow to the North Carolina line.
We hit Highway 95 going 90 to nothin', then caught 85 past Richmond and ended up in the sweetest, laid-back, Mayberry-like town of Oxford.

Granville County Court House

I pushed Mama out at the library to do her research and I think I drove up and down every back road in Granville County. It was sooooo wonderful to breathe fresh farm air and to listen and not hear horns blaring and deafening sirens. I thought maybe I'd died and gone to heaven until I came over a hill and 'bout back-ended a John Deere tractor. So, if you live on rural route 96 and on Friday morning, say about 9:30 you heard "Jesus Take The Wheel" it was not a warped C.D. of Carrie Underwood.

Warrenton, North Carolina

After spending two days in Oxford we pulled up tent (i.e. -paid our bill at the Comfort Inn - which was very nice, by the way) and headed over to the county seat of Warren County. Warrenton. I have one word for Warrenton. Puh-recious.

Okay, I can just hear all you Oxfordians getting your panties in a wad. I loved Oxford, too. Warrenton is just so rural and out of the way. Oxford sits right off a major highway, but you have to really be lookin' hard to find Warrenton. It's definitely a destination - not a place you need to drive by or through to get to someplace else. Peaceful doesn't even begin to describe it. (Read the above inscription on the photo. That's the essence of what my heart longs for. Hmm...'essence of what my heart longs for'. Sounds a little bit too fancy but you get my drift.)

I did take lots of pictures of old cemetaries, lovely antebellum homes and even an old plantation home that was built by my family. But first I have to find the cord to my camera. (Where is that thing?)

Speaking of road trips, I am starting to get more details of my upcoming book tour so I had should be able to let you know where I'll be in the next few months or so. Although release date isn't until August I do have a few events scheduled for the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime I want to leave you with the link to order a copy before it hits the shelf.


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Vintage Sassy said...

Hi Kathie,
It's so nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog. I love your sense of humor. A gal's gotta laugh!!


PreppyBumpkin said...

Sounds like a fun trip!

Family in Granville County was my secret escape when the big city life of being a college student in Raleigh was too much to bear and I needed fresh air and grass. Country roads, take ME home!

Rising Rainbow said...

I so couldn't live in a city again after years in the country.

~Crystal~ said...

Can't wait to see those pics! Have you found that camera cord yet? Sheesh! :)