Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yesterday it was rainy and cold (57 degrees). Today is supposed to be sunny and warm. But I don't trust that weather man. He's looked me in the eye and lied to me one too many time.

So, if he says sunny and warm, I'm going to take it for granted it will be cool and damp.
And I don't care one bit that I work in a big fancy, schmancy office building in the nations capital. If I wanna wear my wellies to the office, I'm gonna.
Besides, I'm a writer. I'm supposed to be eccentric, aren't I?

Speaking of writers, this is my favorite new one:

I'll definitely be reading this as I'll have plenty of time to read while traveling to promote this:

Official release is Tuesday, August 3rd but you can click on the above link to catch a glimpse of the plot and order now if you like.

I'll be having a pre-release kick-off on June 25th and 26th in my hometown of Eldorado Springs, Missouri. If you live in that area you're welcome to mosey on over. I'll have more details prior to the event.

Until next time,



trash talk said...

Help...I've been trapped in the jungle that is my backyard! I'm just getting around and getting caught up with all that is going on. Looks like I may need a trip to MO!

Pink Julep said...

I wear my wellies to work all the time, but in fairness, most of the time I change to heels upon arrival because I am not a writer, I'm a secretary... but I wish I could be more eccentric in the office. How fun would that be!??!

James said...

Those Wellies go with any outfit. You are looking good!

Nezzy said...

Is that a Lilly I spy hangin' over your wellies??? So much more fashion forward than my stinkin' barn boots.

Ya'll named your rig too!!! HaaahahahA! I had a Rambles station wagon (don't was great for haulin' 'round sorority sisters and steelin' fraternity mascots)when I was in college named Daisy Mae. Heck, it even had a big daisy right in the middle of its honker.

You have a super blessed day out there!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

You rock those wellies, girlfriend! I say wear 'em. All your high rise officemates will love you bringin' the country on up to their space! Bring in some good muffins, too! Love the skirt...what could go better?

Terra said...

Ok. This is too funny. I came across your blog via sassy trash who I came across via someone else. She is just a hoot. So anyway, I thought anyone she is promoting is probably as funny as her. Anyways to my point, I teach art in Eldo. Landed there because of husband's job with railroad. He is from Spkane and Chicago and thinks this is quite the twilight zone sometimes. Anyways, what a weird coincedence. Just saw that you were gonna be in Eldo and that made me stop dead in my tracks- glasses. Will try to come by and meet you. Your book sounds great. I am originally from Oklahoma and ended up in Nevada. Called school about a job and the art teacher had resigned 2 hours before. It must have been destiny. Ha! God is funny sometimes. Anyway good luck on your book. I will now get back to your blog and read before I ramble on anymore. New to this world of blogging. I am addicted to auctions and flea markets since there is nothing to do here in the middle of nowhere. What a small world. terra at