Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The trip didn't start off too well. My Washington flight took off an hour later than scheduled which caused me to miss my connection in Memphis. I was re-routed to Dallas by the 'ticket guy' who assured me he'd take care of everything. (I told him I'd wait for what I needed and he practically pushed me onto the plane all the time saying, 'don't worry. I promise it will all be taken care of'). After coming THISCLOSE to missing my Dallas to KCI flight (he did not take care of it) I finally made it to my destination safe and sound.
That was Wednesday and since I didn't have anything scheduled until Thursday I sat and revelled in the utter beauty of my surroundings.
This is the view from my parents back porch and even though I've witnessed many a sunrise here it seems like each time I come here I'm witnessing it for the very first time.
As the scorching sun (it was over 100 degrees) started to set and dusk began to settle over the trees the faint sounds of the frogs and locusts crescended into a full-blown chorus. The darker it got the more visible the full moon became until it cast a silvery, shadowy glow over the lawn, softly outlining the backdrop of the forest. The singing of a lone, far-off whippoorwill blended into the harmonic soft sounds of the night. Perfect.
Thursday morning started off with a beautiful drive through the countryside ending at KWTO radio in absolutely beautiful Springfield, Missouri. (If you were to ask me my favorite city in the entire world it would be Springfield.) My driver then sped me across the city for another interview to be aired later (details to come).

The above picture is my Dad at the gorgeous Wayside Inn Museum in El Dorado Springs, where my book signing and reception was held on Friday night. Mom isn't in the picture because she's in the back with the catering.
As most of you know El Dorado (population: 3800) is my old stomping grounds. Even though I grew up there and my family and best friends in the whole world still live there I was as nervous as a whore at a tent revival. I had no idea what to expect especially in this economy. I thought I'd probably sell 15, 20, 25 books at the most. I sold almost 5 boxes - that's well over 100! And the best part is I got to see soooo many people I haven't seen in ages! That's the beauty of a small town. Everyone knows everyone else and we always support each other. (Of course I was so busy talking, hugging and shaking hands that I didn't get a single picture of the actual book signing.) The board of the Spring City Revitalization Group and the Preserve our Past Society made this event so special and made me feel like a Queen!! Thank you everyone!

El Dorado Springs has a city orchestra band that plays every Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday afternoons in the park and it just happens to have the honor of being the oldest city band in the U.S.

Below is the view from the front steps of the high school. Every single morning during my senior year I would watch for Jay to come walking up this sidewalk into the school.

And this would be the view from his direction. As he walked towards the school from the bus line he'd find me sitting in the middle, 4th step up leaning my right shoulder on the red hand rail, impatiently waiting for him.

McFadden Arena where I used to show my horses and compete in rodeos, named after Bert McFadden who was the voice of the sport throughout southwest Missouri and Eastern Kansas. His voice was so classic and while most of you are probably too young to remember this, he reminded me of Rex Allen, the voice of the early Disney nature movies. Bert and his lovely wife Lou dedicated their life to every aspect of youth agriculture. Sadly, Bert passed away last winter.

This is the Powderhorn Restaurant, where I ate two huge down-home southern meals! This is the best place in the universe to eat - I kid you not!! Their mashed potatoes and gravy put mine to shame and that's saying a lot as I am famous for mine.

If you ever find yourself on Highway 54 between Collins and El Dorado Springs, Missouri you MUST stop here. It's all good!

Way, way back, a looong time ago - even before I was born - it was called 'Jack's.' That's it - just 'Jack's.' A bar. Tavern. And it's where my parents met.

You know what they say. Nothin' ever good comes out of a relationship that starts in one of 'those' places. At least that's what I was always led to believe. Hmmph.

Life has settled back down and I'm busy working on my next novel which revolves around the quirky characters of ta-da - -El Dorado Springs! Relax all you Eldoradoans - it's purely fiction!
I'm home for about another month before "False Victim" release date (August 3rd). Then I'll be heading out again for another tour.
Until then,


Anonymous said...

I read your book,it was the best book I've ever read!

Phyllis Lines said...

I remember Jack's. Can't say that I ever was in the place but it was still around when I was old enough to remember it. And I have eaten at Powder Horn although it's been a while. I haven't gotten your book yet but plan to.

Amber said...

Congratulations on the great reception with your book! I am looking forward to reading it. :)Best to you!

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Hi, Kathie! I saw your comment over at Miss Janice's and I just wanted to say thank you. That was such a nice thing to say :) Are in VA too??

Beth Dunn said...

Love the view from your parents back yard-beautiful!

Katydid said...

Thanks for dropping by. I cannot believe you read my whole blog! What stores have your book? I want to try to get one this weekend.
Also, I noticed you you added me on your page. It is KatydidsKountryLife.blogspot.com (Kountry with a K). It is sort of like a mother giving her child a common name and then spelling it different confusing every teacher that child ever has.
Ok, enough of my rambling. Have a happy and safe Independence Day weekend!