Monday, June 14, 2010

Film at 11.....

At 6:00 actually.

Tonight I'll be one of the featured guests on Kate Michael's "The District Dish". I don't know if it's being shot live or is being taped. Either way she usually has each episode on her blog so I'll let you know when it airs.

Kate is a beauty (a former Miss D.C.) and quite the socialite in town. That girl is everywhere!
It's been about 15 years since I've been on camera. I meant to take a media training course to get myself back up to speed but of course I let time get away from me.
I received a phone call from Washington Flyer magazine telling me that they will probably do a book review.
I am also adding an August 7th booksigning to Borders in Woodbridge, VA. More details on that later!
This is pretty much the last week that my time is my own. My life is about to change!
I am looking forward to meeting some of you in my travels!
Until next time,


{The Classy Woman} said...

How wonderful! Have a blast! :)


Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

Congratulations, Kathie! I am looking forward to attending one of your book signings this summer. xo xo

Kate Michael said...

You were great on the show, Kathie! Fascinating info... and we just can't believe it happened to YOU. Quite the story, and you wrote it so well. Good luck!

~Crystal~ said...

Exiting time for you!!!