Friday, June 18, 2010

Things that have just been buggin' the HECK outta me lately.

I'm not talking about the general things that drive me nuts. You know -the woman at the grocery counter talking incessantly on her cell phone while she's rummaging through her purse to dig out her money then realizes she's forgotten the mustard, puts the phone down just long enough to ask if she can run back and get it, then goes ahead and treks back to the aisle without waiting for an answer and hey! while she's back there might as well just stop in aisle two and get my drift.

No. These are worse. I'm guessing if you'll take a quick peak at these, some of them just might set off your 'peeve-o-meter' as well.

PLEASE NOTE: These are in random order, not necessarily what bugs me the most.

I can't stand men who wear eensy, teensy bikini bottoms (i.e. speedos).
On what planet does the female species find this attractive? Please. Let me know because then I will run for Congress and make it a law that any man that wears one of these things will immediately be exiled there.

Cyclists who think they are in the same league as cars. Huh? I am all for bike riding. It's good for the environment and it's a better way to commute for so many reasons. But please use the bike lane when it's available. And really bikes do NOT belong on a road without shoulders. I have seen more car collisions and head-on accidents by vehicle drivers trying to avoid hitting a cyclist.

'Why Kathie, what on earth could bug you about Kate Gosselin?' you ask. I love Kate. Really, I do. I am one of the few who criticize her for gallivanting all over the country. Good grief, the woman has 8 kids. She has to make a living and unfortunately there aren't too many jobs that can cut it. I was on her side until she started whining that her book had only sold 10,000 in the first week. Give me a break. I am hoping I can sell 10,000 books in a year.

The above is a picture of Danielle Staub of Real Housewives of New Jersey and while yes she does bug the heck out of me I can't really count this one because I choose to watch her trainwreck of a life all played out on the screen. What this picture reminds me though is women who are pushing 50 (I can say this because I'm there) should not be dressing like hoochie-mamas. Regardless of how hot you are.

I've changed my mind. I can do that you know, since it's my blog. The above and below pictures are probably the numero uno thing in this world that just drives me batty.

So, what bugs the heck outta YOU?


VA Gal said...

Now that I've seen the last couple of photos in that post, all I can think of is the "Pants on the Ground" guy from American Idol. LOL!

deborah said...

All of the above bug me too. I was commenting yesterday on how short the dresses were on Housewives of..pick a city.
I am pretty straightforward (blunt?) about things, when I see a young boy wearing his clothing like the last pic, I will stop and tell him to pull up his pants, nobody wants to see his ass. My hubby tries to hide.

Bethany said...

I work in a school and am CONSTANTLY telling boys to "pull up their pants." At first, I was a little hesitant to tell them, (don't want to be accused of sexual harrassment or anything crazy like that!) but now, boys see me from down the hallway and pull themselves together.

~Crystal~ said...

The pants thing for sure bugs the heck outta me too! Now the skinny jeans that hang off the butt just have me perplexed.

Susan F said... didn't like the hot guy in the nice undies?? You should have your vision checked!! Those were not speedos.
I'm all for making it illegal to wear your pants down around your ankles and while I agree that Danielle definitely wears her dresses too short( as does Kelly for HWNYC)...What else would you expect from trash??

Karla @ {The Classy Woman} said...

The mens skimpy underwear and the low pants on guys are ridiculous-I'm totally with you!

I was annoyed too when I heard Kate complain about book sales. My first thought was that she was very ungrateful. She's even lucky she has the career she does in the spotlight.

I was in Home Goods today and a woman was so into her cell phone call that she completely dropped a breakable in the store and it shattered. She was embarassed after and quickly threw her phone in her purse. I really don't like listening to people talk on their cell and I'm getting tired of all the people that feel compelled to text someone and check facebook, etc., while shopping, not at all looking where they are going.

Lisa Ann said...

I hate the whole display your underwear thing! There's a reason it's called "under ware!"

Laura said...

Yeah, those are worthy of buggin' the heck outta you! Me too! Especially the last two. Seriously, how do the pants stay there? Why do they think that looks good? Wouldn't they like to walk with both hands free instead of always having to use one to hold their pants up?

Miss Janice said...

I cannot stand those low-riding pants! I just don't get it. Frankly, I don't know how they stay up.

On another note, is your book available to the public yet?

mel said...

I totally agree with the sagging pants! So annoying! I just want to walk up to them and ask them "why do you think that is attractive?", I mean really! I am only 34, and I don't even think women at my age should dress like a hoochie mamma!

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

WOW that first pic is not to be seen BC....BEFORE COFFEE...I would blush seein' my hubby in those !! You hit most of mine and the "See who can display the most boxers" look..if I ever find who started that.....!!! BUT, My # ONE ALL TIME IS.... PULEEZE watch the daggone road and quit texting!!!!!! Thankfully it is nicely FINED here in Mich now!! Have a Blessed Day!!! Sue in Mich

The Mrs. said...

Oh it allllll hugs me! Same as you!

tintarosa said...

Your list could easily be my list. Add visible thongs and the list is complete.

SouthernProletariat said...

I love your list!

Can I just say, that there is a horrible, truant, two-year old part of me that sometimes just wants to yank down some punks pants (then run like heck in the other direction)? (No, I never would, and yes, I know that just having that thought is horrible) But seriously, when I was a teen growing up- no boy would have ever survived high school wearing his pants like that without being pranked by the other boys- I suppose its some code of honor between kids these days. strange

And the hoochie-mama kills me too. Especially if they have a daughter with them. Blech!