Monday, June 7, 2010

A very glamorous weekend

It's the weekend. Friday night. Will is at a friends. Daughter and her family are in Italy. Husband is travelling. I'm home alone. No one to cook for. House is clean. Laundry caught up.
Great! Time for a much-needed girls weekend.

But apparently my idea of a party and the girls idea of one is completely different.

No gossip, cuttin' up or dancin' on tables with this crowd. No loud music or stayin' up all night. Bummer.

Instead I pour a big ol' glass of sweet tea, slap on a mud pack

and pick up a new issue of one of my favorite reads.

I am ready to rock.

So. How was your weekend?


Gracie Beth said...

Sounds almost exactly like my Friday night went!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Ain't life excitin' sometimes? Ha...I betcha that mud masque felt gooooood!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh look how cute you are!! Nothing better than some quiet time to take in a good magazine and have a peaceful evening with the dogs.

Hope you had a fine evening!


Anthony and Katrina said...

Hey Kathie! :) (this is katie from marsh copsey...) Anyways, sounds like an awesome weekend! I went to two bridal showers! Crazy! It's that time of the year...haha