Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A night at Floriana with a new friend....

Amber and I have been 'blogging buddies' for over a year now, so when she announced that she was coming aaallll the way to Wasington D.C. from Seattle and wanted to know if we could meet I couldn't say yes fast enough!

(Ugh! Forgive the ballcap - when Sophia spends the night there is no time for primping.

When I go into the city to meet friends we always end up at Floriana in DuPont Circle.


It is the place to go for authentic Italian food. When I say authentic I mean the real deal.

Floriana was orginially owned by Floriana Nestore, and while her son, Dino and his wife (who just happens to be my daughter) recently purchased it, Floriana herself still pops in every morning to hand-make her bread and pasta. Yep. You heard me. I said 'hand-made.'
Floriana is a very interesting person and I have always toyed with the idea of writing a play about her - it would definitely have to be a musical. Can't you see the playbill now - Floriana! said with a perfect Italian accent, of course! But, I digress...

When the weather is beautiful the patio is the most popular place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine from their exclusive wine list or specialty cocktails (each one named after family members in Italy! Love it!). While you're waiting for the main course it's always fun to participate in America's favorite pastime -people watching! While you're ogling all the local characters, maybe a celebrity or tow (don't be surprised if you see a movie star or your favorite rock star roaming around) and order one or more of their sumptous appetizers.
I'm not trying to influence you or anything but I have to tell you my absolute favorite is the sweet and sour calamari. (Okay, maybe I am trying to influence you a tiny bit).

(Dino, the owner...isn't he gorgeous?)

Sunday and Wednesday evenings are 1/2 price bottles of wine, which by the way are exclusive (oops, I'm repeating myself) to Floriana. Half price pasta night is Monday and Tuesday. Beginners will probably reach for the familiar - traditional spaghetti and meatballs or the lasagna, which is to die for but I'd really like to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone a bit and try something else. Everything is good and I always have a hard time deciding what to try next. This time I had the QE II, which was pasta with crab meat, peas and an incredible white sauce. Amber had ravioli and if it hadn't been the first time we'd met I would've reached my fork over and taken a bite (hee! hee!)

Speaking of Amber, here she is above. My goodness the way we carried on all night you'd have thought we'd known each other our whole life - we practically finished each others sentences!

We even shared dessert just like we were childhood BFF's. Oh man, I wish I could remember the name of the dessert. It was ice cream with a cherry in the middle covered by a hard, dark chocolate shell. Hmm...what was that called? Oh well, just ask for Beth and ask her the name of the dessert that Kathie had on Sunday night, and then order two!

It was such a lovely night with good food, lots of chatter, and meeting a new friend, not to mention that the weather was perfect.

For my readers that live close to DC why don't you plan on joining me on August 3rd, the day "False Victim" is officially released, for a party at Floriana?

The restaurant is located in a quaint, cozy Brownstone on the corner of 17 and Q. Just leave me a message that you'd like to come, either on the comments, e-mail, face book or fan page!


Bethany said...

I would love to join you on August 3! Looks like a fantastic restaurant and event.

Amber Smith said...

Hi Kathie! That was such a nice evening meeting you at Floriana and it was my pleasure to spend some time with you over dinner! You are so lovely and I look forward to seeing you again soon.
xo - Amber

ps - Floriana was awesome and if I hadn't been busy talking so much I TOTALLY would have shared my yummy butternut squash ravioli :)