Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sorry, I just haven't felt like talking lately...

By the look of my blog list (your lack of new posts!)I think maybe some of you have been feeling the same way or else you're summer is just so dog-goned exciting that you're out somewhere partyin' and dancin' on tables, in which case I am extremely jealous.

If you're going to take a break for a while, or if like me, you just haven't found the time to blog, then why don't check our some new friends of mine?

Stop over and see Meg at Texas Grits and Glamor, and Sheena at Motherh00d - for the feint-hearted.

Meg, who by the way is the embodiment of grit(s) and all things glamor, dishes on everything from television shows to clothes, handbags, shoes, what she's pondering, her family - anything you can think of, Meg's got a handle on it. While I very seldom leave a comment (sorry!), Meg's musings on TGG are fun, entertaining and always leaves me wanting more!

Sheena Simpson is the author of a brand new blog I just can't wait to read every day. HILARIOUS!! Motherhood- for the feint-hearted (nope, 'feint' is not misspelled in this case). Sheena and her adventurous zoo - I mean brood, which includes several kids, every pet under the sun - (gulp!) including goats and snakes - will leave you amused, entertained, and rolling in the floor laughing! I can't even begin to do her justice so I won't try. Please go over and visit and leave her a comment. She's new so let's make her all feel welcome, and if you love her as much as I do please add her to your blog roll!

Old Centennial Farmhouse -

I'm not being entirely fair. This isn't a new blog, but Joni's posts never fail to take me away....just like Calgon (okay - if you're under 40 you won't 'get' that - but then if you're under 40, you're probably too cool to read my blog ;), so never mind.)

All worries, troubles, heartaches melt completely away. Even if she doesn't post anything new for a few days I'll click on her pictures and stare longingly at her house. Her photos are so professional, and the ballad that plays in the background, "Home" makes you feel like you really and truly are home.
I hope you'll go over and leave a comment on these ladies blogs!
And if you're a new reader of Hillbilly Debutante I'd like to first off give you a great big ol' cowgirl welcome and invite you to start at the top of my blog roll and visit every one of my blog friends. There's a little sumpin-sumpin for everyone.
Until next time,


Sheena Simpson said...

I just have to say thank you for the plug for my blog. And you just made me stop aging gracefully. I happen to adore Calgon (english garden)-and I'm only twentyish. Hahaha.

Bonnie said...

Hi Kathie!

I have to admit I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks and I am addicted! And, I am under 40...almost, 27, to be exact! :) I found your blog via my cousiin's blog ( and instantly became an addict! Thanks for sharing your world!