Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All Day with the Film Crew

The film crew arrived on time yesterday (Monday) - 10:00 am on the dot. Within a few minutes they'd set up 'shop' in the house and were ready to roll.
I went first....

This empty chair is where I sat during my interview.

Aaron clowning around while sitting in granddaughter Sophia's 'princess' chair. (They filmed Rachael and I in the 'girls' living room and Jay and Will in the 'manly' living room).

This is my view fom the interview chair as camera man Tim Keating gets the focus 'just right' before we begin. (Ummm Tim? Can you shave a few pounds from my frame maybe?)

Aaron Keating, a little more serious this time as he makes sure Rachael trips the 'light fantastic' and Scott, seated, asking a few prep questions before the camera rolls. I'm standing behind them gazing into the monitor, amazed at how beautiful my daughter looks on camera.

And here she is again in the middle of her interview...I stayed just long enough to get a picture.
After Rachael's interview it was Will's turn. At first we nixed the idea of including him (the film is part of a documentary "Stalked" to be played as part of a series on the Discovery Channel) but he wanted to participate and at the end of the day we thought it might be therapeutic for him. He never talks about what happened. He hasn't even read the book and the most I've ever heard him say was to tell a friend that he 'just couldn't read it.' They agreed to shoot him with a 'shadow' for safety purposes. He was a little boy when this happened and I don't want anyone to know what he looks like now.
The crew was wonderful to us and Scott was an amazing interviewer. He just had a way of making us feel so comfortable. It was like bumping into an old friend you haven't seen in ages but you just seem to pick up where you left off.
It was draining, but yet it was good, too.

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Until next time....
Happy Trails!


Sheena Simpson said...

Wow she is beautiful. (Like her Mama) I can't wait to see this when will it air? And why no pics of you glammed up for the cameras?

Nezzy said...

I'm thrilled they sent someone who made everyone comfortable. Rachel is just beautiful, her smile says it all. Do you have an air time yet? I would love to watch the program.

You have an amazing day sweetie!!!

~Crystal~ said...

Rachel is beautiful! She looks like her Mama. :) And I love her dress & shoes! I bet they won't show the shoes in the interview. Durn it.

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