Sunday, August 29, 2010

Discovery Channel....

Today is a big day. The production company for the Discovery Channel films our part of the documentary to be played back during National Stalking Awareness Month in January.
This morning (Sunday) they filmed my attorney, Ray Morley. Monday morning they'll film Russell Sudder the private investigator and then late morning the crew will show up at our house for our segment.
Okay, here's the clencher. They're making us change our names. We can't use the names we used in the book either. They're totally fictitious names. Bob and Mary. How drab. No offense if you're a 'Bob' or a 'Mary' - it's nothin' personal - I'm just not real whippy on having to use a pseudonym, that's all.
Oh, well.
Now on to other news - I did it! I've taken the plunge; I've sent out a query letter to a web designer about doing something fun and fresh with Hillbilly Debutante.
Hopefully I'll hear back from her this week and we can get started quickly.
Until next time '
♪♫Happy Trails to you-
♪♫'til we meet again....♪♫


trash talk said...

I'm surrounded by stars. BTW...what's the deal with not letting you use your real name? I can understand not using hers...but yours...doesn't make sense.
Oh well...get ready for your close-ups!

~Crystal~ said...

The changing your names thing is odd.

Can not wait to see what the new design will look like! It deserves something fab!

Lisa Ann said...

I'm sure they just want to protect you and with good reason. Be sure to let us know when the show airs.

Nezzy said...

The names were changed to protect the 'guilty' huh?

Maybe it was for your protection only.

I can't wait to see what the web designer has in store for the "Debutante."

God bless ya and have a marvelous Monday!!!

bj said...

I am just starting to read FALSE VICTIM and it is starting off GOOOD.
xo bj

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