Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Saturday @ Borders in Woodbridge, VA

The booksigning in Woodbridge Saturday was a huge success!
Thank you to everyone who came out and bought the book. Below is a picture of those who showed up who are characters in the book.

All in all we sold 60 books!
I'm preparing for the Discovery Channel filming this weekend and then Sunday we leave for my Missouri tour.
I'm starting a new segment on Hillbilly Debutante soon that I think you'll really like. I'll try to get it up before I leave next week.
Also, I'll be introducing my new website soon that is dedicated to all things writing which will free Hillbilly Debutante up to talk about other things.
Until next time,


trash talk said...

Wonderful...wonderful...and EEEKKK!
Cannot wait for the new website. Girl, I'm gonna pick your brain like it ain't never been picked!

~Crystal~ said...

Exciting times for you chica! So glad that book signing was such a success! God's favor is upon you. And He is good!

Anthony and Katrina said...

good luck! :)

Katydid said...

How exciting! Will be looking for your book at the Tulsa Borders. Can not wait for your new website!

Nezzy said...

Congratulations girl! It sounds like your book signing was a grand success! Best of luck to ya...from one Ozark gal to another.

God bless and have a terrific day sweetie!!!

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